Through the support of GEF SGP, we empowered local citizens to make a contribution to biodiversity monitoring and thereby advance Botswana’s commitment towards meeting the obligations of the Convention on Biological Diversity.
Birdlife Botswana’s Project
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Country Programme Snapshot

Start Date 1992
# of Projects 183
Total Grant Amount US$ 5,163,618
Total cash Co-Financing US$ 8,709,649
Total In-Kind Co-Financing US$ 2,425,039

Country Portfolio by Area of Work

Climate Change Mitigation
Community Based Adaptation
International Waters
Land Degradation
Examples of Successful Projects
Black Rhino at Khama Rhino Sanctuary
Bush Encroachment Management and relocation of Black Rhino at Khama Rhino Sanctuary

Goal: To increase the tourism potential through controlling bush encroachment and re-introduction of a male black rhino
Main Activities: Engage communities in controlling bush encroachment and trans-location of the black male rhino from Zimbabwe
Key Results: 150 ha cleared of encroaching species,  the availability male rhino

Promotion of adoption of renewable energy through solar home systems

Goal: To reduce environmental pressure and green house gas emissions by introducing the use of solar energy
Main Activities: Installation of 32 solar home systems for needy families
Key Results: Solar home systems installed, completed and handed

Urban Agriculture for Community Empowerment

Goal: To enhance environmental awareness through backyard gardening
Main Activities: Establishment of 10 organic backyard gardens for families
Key Results: Families established backyard gardens, planted vegetables and shared both the harvest, skill and knowledge with their neighbors

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Country Impact

SGP projects supported , documented and influenced:

  • At national level: CESRIKI has been appointed to produce the indigenous knowledge policy for the Ministry of Infrastructure Science & Technology due to Ethno-survey and Promotion of Indigenous Knowledge System-Based Solutions for Botswana; the Ministry of Environment Wildlife and Tourism adopted avi-tourism as part of the eco-tourism initiative by BirdLife Botswana on Towards a Red Data Book
  • At local level: The Teemashane Community Trust made decisions on the time for harvesting thatching grass

Successful projects scaled up and replicated:

  • Human Wildlife Conflict implemented by CARACAL

  • Protection of birds and Important Bird Areas in the Makgadikgadi ecosystem by BirdLife Botswana

SGP activity:

  • Globally significant species protected: cheetahs, rhinos, wattled cranes, flamingos and hoodia
2010 -BIE-Cosmos Prize, EXPO Shanghai 2010 for Better City, Better Life Finalist

Somarelang Tikologo was a finalist.