SGP Brazil was the first programme to focus efforts in the Cerrado biome which is the most biodiverse savanna in the world and an extremely threatened ecosystem. After SGP efforts, many other initiatives started to emerge.
National Host Institution (NHI)
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Country Programme Snapshot

Start Date 1994
# of Projects 430
Total Grant Amount US$ 11,630,410
Total cash Co-Financing US$ 7,336,008
Total In-Kind Co-Financing US$ 7,401,456

Country Portfolio by Area of Work

Climate Change Mitigation
International Waters
Land Degradation
Country Impact

Enfoque geográfico:

  • Cerrado, la sabana con mayor biodiversidad del mundo, 2 millones de kilómetros cuadrados y una gran variedad de ecosistemas únicos, muy rica en especies. El Cerrado es también vital para los recursos hídricos de América del Sur y las reservas de carbono para el mundo.

PPD influencia:

  • El empoderamiento de la sociedad civil (por ejemplo, de redes Cerrado)

  • Cambio en la política: la reducción de la deforestación del Cerrado es ahora un objetivo en la Política Nacional de Brasil sobre el Cambio Climático.

PPD actividad en cifras:

  • A nivel mundial las especies protegidas importantes: 6 especies en peligro de extinción y 16 especies vulnerables de grandes vertebrados, muchas de las cuales son endémicas, además de innumerables otras especies.

  • 200.000 hectáreas en el uso sostenible

  • 15.000 familias se beneficiaron con la generación de ingresos, seguridad alimentaria y la autonomía

November 2014 - Pequi de Ouro

SGP Brazil has been awarded with Pequi de Ouro national award. 

March 2013 - National Award: Rural Women that Produce a Sustainable Brazil

SGP grantee Sabor do Cerrado Group, of the Colônia I Settlement was the receiver of this national award. See further information here.

2012 - Equator Award

The Pacari Network brings together 47 traditional pharmacies and community-based organizations to cultivate medicinal plants, preserve traditional ecological knowledge and health traditions, and protect biodiversity in the Cerrado (savannah) biome. In the absence of any comprehensive legislation that legally recognizes traditional health practices, the network has mobilized medicinal plant producers and local health practitioners to create self-regulating policies. Standards have been put in place on the amount of plant used in the preparation of traditional medicines, safety and sanitary conditions for plant processing, and sustainable harvesting techniques. The network has developed a unique system of documenting traditional knowledge called the "Popular Pharmacopoeia of the Cerrado," which has involved the participation of more than 260 traditional health providers. Network communities produce an average of 40 types of traditional medicine from over 60 priority species native to the Cerrado. The health benefits from the initiative extend to more than 3,000 beneficiaries per month. Medicinal plant cultivation and the operation of small pharmacies provide jobs and new sources of income.

2010 - Odair Firmino Solidarity Prize

The NGO "10envolvimento" (or 10-development), from the Cerrado (savanna) region of Bahia State, Central Brazil, received the "Odair Firmino Solidarity Prize", from Brazilian Cáritas in November 2010. The project was selected among 27 projects carried out all over the country. The NGO is supported by SGP Brazil (BRA/OP4/Y1/07/18) to promote local communities' empowerment, through the recognition of their identity and cultural values; promotion of handicrafts made from natural raw materials, including Cerrado biodiversity, as well as agroecological production and work with medicinal plants. The prize of R$ 20,000 (about US$ 11,700) will be invested in building a house to improve the handicraft production and to organize meetings and cultural events.

2009 - Top 100 of Handicrafts from SEBRAE

The Brazilian Support Agency for Micro and Small Enterprises recognizes important handicraft initiatives all over the country. In this opportunity SGP grantee CEPPEC - Cerrado Capacity-Building, Production, and Research Center received the award.

2009 - Small Cultural Events Award

For turning the Sepé Tiarajú settlement into a pole of Cerrado preservation by the plantation of seedlings of several native species in Agroforests and permanent preservation areas of the Settlement and carrying out capacity-building activities.

2009 - HSBC Institute of Solidarity Award

HSBC awarded CEPPEC - Cerrado Capacity-Building, Production, and Research Center, an SGP grantee, for their important social initiatives.

2009 - Ecology and Environment Award

SGP grantee ECOA - Ecology and Action received this award from the Municipal Chamber for their environment initiatives.

2009 - Chico Mendes Award

Top Ministry of Environment prize for the most important environment initiatives recognized the work of SGP grantee Terra Viva Association.

2009 - Business Responsibility Certification

A Minas Gerais state program that identifies companies investing in economic development of Vale do Jequitinhonha, Mucuri and North regions of the state awarded SGP grantee Japonvar Cooperative.

2008 - Father José Ten Cate Award

This Human Rights Award from the Legislative Assembly of Mato Grosso State was given to SGP grantee Federation of Social and Educational Institutes for Social Assistance - FASE – MT.

2008 - Brazil Values Award (Bank of Brazil 200 years)

2008 Brazil Values Award (Bank of Brazil 200 years) – SGP grantee ECOA - Ecology and Action received the Brazil Values Award which acknowledges projects or organizations that stimulate social and economic development of the country and promote the culture of sustainability and social and environmental responsibility.

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