GEF SGP has built the capacities of environmental NGOs and offered them a great opportunity to expand their activities in global environmental issues and seriously contribute to national environmental initiatives.
Dr. Mohamed Bayoumi
Environment Officer, UNDP Country Office, Egypt
Country Programme Snapshot

1994 Start Year

356 Number of GEF Projects

US$ 8,787,318 GEF Grant Amount

US$ 5,222,760 Co-Financing in Cash

US$ 2,582,406 Co-Financing in Kind

US$ 200,000 Non-GEF Grant Amount

5 Number of Non-GEF Projects

361 Total Number of Projects

Country Portfolio by Area of Work

Capacity Development
Chemicals and Waste
Climate Change
International Waters
Land Degradation
Multifocal area
* Source: SGP Annual Monitoring Process, 2022


Dr. Emad Adly
National Coordinator
Phone: (+20-2) 25161519/25161245
Fax: (+20-2) 25162961
Ms. Ghada Ahmadein
Programme Assistant
Phone: +20 2 25161519
Fax: +20 2 25162961
Arab Office For Youth & Environment, 3A Masaken Masr lel-Taameer, Zahraa El-Maadi Str.,,Zahraa El Maadi, Cairo