When SGP started in Mongolia in 2002, the country had experienced the market economy for only about a dozen years. There were not many NGOs, CBOs, or other CSOs. We approached this situation strategically and started assisting existing organizations and encouraging those who wanted to establish CBOs and NGOs.
Mr. Ganbaatar Bandi
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Country Programme Snapshot

Start Date 2002
# of Projects 435
Total Grant Amount US$ 3,837,237
Total cash Co-Financing US$ 1,312,057
Total In-Kind Co-Financing US$ 2,806,032

Country Portfolio by Area of Work

Climate Change Mitigation
Community Based Adaptation
International Waters
Land Degradation
Global Publications

This publication shows how much progress has been made in defining the goals, planning processes, funding mechanisms, and monitoring systems needed to make sustainable landscape management a reality. The case studies provide valuable examples of the COMDEKS approach and the improvements in ecosystem services, and rural productivity, income, and community empowerment that result.The publication is comprised of two parts:Part I summarizes the defining principles of the COMDEKS community-based landscape management approach, and sets out the step-by-step process used to apply the approach.Part II presents up-to-date case material for each of the ten countries participating in Phase II of the COMDEKS Programme. This material describes the target landscapes, sets the local context of environmental, social, and economic conditions and challenges; describes the participatory landscape planning process; enumerates local program activities; and reports preliminary findings. Part II ends with a short consideration of what the COMDEKS Programme has achieved, how these insights can be applied both within and beyond UNDP, and the challenges that lie ahead for the COMDEKS community-based landscape approach.

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This publication highlights the work of the GEF Small Grants Programme (SGP) in the international waters focal area that not only generates global environmental benefi ts through community-based management approach to international waters issues, while assisting communities to increase theirresilience and adapt to climate change.

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Examples of Successful Projects
Headwaters Protection and Management
Headwaters Protection and Management

Goal: Building a green belt to stop sand shift and rehabilitate eroded land, protect river headwaters and create alternative livelihood (fruit field).
Main Activities: Plantation of 8000 trees to build a green belt.
Key Results: River headwaters protected , green belt built, sand shift stopped, surrounding ecosystem has been rehabilitated and improves from year to year.

Country Impact

At national level:

  • 2 legislative initiatives on land degradation –desertification and community forestry, and 3 government regulations on sea buckthorn fruit, green wall and renewable energy;

At local level:

  • 36 decisions and local programmes regarding the establishment of community/locally protected areas , fruit planting , eco-tourism development, making briquettes, fish conservation, green village and green development, etc.

Successful projects scaled up and replicated:

  • 3 projects scaled up and 4 types projects replicated in many places.

SGP activity in figures:

  • 1.3mln. ha. Habitat areas of globally significant biodiversity species, 200,000 ha. of forests and 320,000 ha. of grass land.; 3 endangered animals & 8 rare medicine plant species in over 30 different places .
May 2014 - Energy Globe Award

The receiver of this Award is Mrs. Tsolmon head of SGP grantee partner Clean Energy that has implemented the GEF SGP funded project MON/SGP/OP5/CC/CORE/12/15

2016 - Order of the Polar Star and Energy Globe Award

Mr. Dovdondemberel, head of  SGP grantee partner Bayanchatsargana,  is the receiver of two Awards: in February 2016 he received  the  Order of the Polar Star of president of Mongolia, and in June 2016 he received Energy Globe Award. 

SGP grantee partner Bayanchatsargana has succesfully implemented projects : MON/SGP/OP4/Y3/Core/09/17 and MON/COMDEKS/2014/01

2015 - Energy Globe Award

SGP grantee partner Clean Energy is the receiver of this Award.

NGO Clean Energy has implemented the GEF SGP funded projects MON/SGP/OP5/CC/CORE/12/15 and MON/COMDEKS/2014/06.

2012 - Order of the Polar Star by the President of Mongolia

Won by Grantee-Community Leader Dagvadorj. The project, establishing one of the first community owned gardens in the country after socialist regime has been awarded the Order of the Polar Star by the President of Mongolia, just before the President's nationwide annual tree planting day. View video.

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Mr. Ganbaatar Bandi
National Coordinator
Phone:+ (976-11) 327585-1140, 976-70112883
Fax:+ (976-11) 326221
Ms. Narangarav Gankhuyag
Programme Assistant
Phone:+ (976-11) 327585-121
Fax:+ (976-11) 326221


UNDP Room 605, UN House - 14201, United Nations Street-14 Sukhbaatar district. , Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia 210646