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Start Date: Jan 2005
Promoting participatory propagation of native plants & mangroves by local communities of Shibderaz a...
Start Date: Jan 2005
Protection of Char Tang-e Kushk-e Zar Wetland towards a Community Conserved Area with the participat...
Start Date: Aug 2004
Active Community Empowerment for Mangrove Management in Govater bay (Phase II of IRA-G52-2001-004)
Start Date: Jun 2004
Seasonal Rehabilitation of Dorge Sangi Wetlands
Start Date: May 2004
Promotion of Integrated Management and Training for Biodiversity Conservation with Public Participat...
Start Date: Dec 2004
Preservation of Bustards through Community Participation (Darab Division, Fars Province, Zagros Regi...
Start Date: Sept 2003
Integrated Management Plan for Preservation and Rehabilitation of Doshakh Valley in Parow Mountain t...
Start Date: Jul 2003
Promoting the adoption of renewable energies in rural areas and related activities - Establishing tw...
Start Date: Jul 2003
Public Participatory Monitoring of Safaroud Forest, Caspian Region
Start Date: May 2003
Rice Ecosystem Management Facilitators – Rostamabad, Caspian Area (Empowerment of the students an...
Start Date: Apr 2003
Farmers' Empowerment to Sustainable Agro- Ecosystem Management (Rice IPM in Fereidounkenar Ramsar si...
Start Date: Apr 2003
Integrated Sustainable Conservation of Rameh Village Rangelands
Start Date: Apr 2003
Traditional Forest Management in Haverh-Khol Village (Kurdistan Province)
Start Date: Mar 2003
Onshore Preservation of Hawksbill Turtle Eggs through Community Participation
Start Date: Dec 2003
Aquaculture of Pearl by the Local Community of Berkeh Khalaf Village, Qeshm Island (Pearls of Persia...


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