Award Winning Projects
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Pacari Network brings together 47 traditional pharmacies and community-based organizations to cultivate medici-nal plants, preserve traditional ecological knowledge and health traditions, and protect the biodiversity of Brazil's Cerrado biome. In the absence of comprehensive legisla-tion recognizing traditional health practices, Pacari has mo-bilized medicinal plant producers and local health practitio-ners to develop self-regulation.

Standards have been put in place to regulate the prepara-tion of traditional remedies, safety and sanitary conditions for plant processing, and sustainable harvesting techniques. Through its 'Pharmacoepia of People of the Cerrado', Pacari has developed a unique system of documenting traditional knowledge involving the participation of over 260 tradi-tional health providers. The health benefits from the initia-tive extend to more than 3,000 poeple per month. Medici-nal plant cultivation and the operation of small pharmacies also provide jobs and sources of income.

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