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Knowledge-sharing and capacity building on ICCAs in Mesoamérica
Knowledge-sharing and capacity building on ICCAs in Mesoamérica



3-8 April 2016; San José, Petén, Guatemala - ICCA-GSI organized a workshop for the Mesoamerica region with the aim of sharing knowledge among key regional actors and strengthening their capacities to promote and strengthen appropriate recognition of ICCAs as well as improve its effectiveness in the region.  Key actors from participating countries, representatives of indigenous peoples and local communities that govern and manage their TICCAs, relevant government agencies and civil society support organizations, GEF SGP National Coordinators attended this participatory workshop.

Mesoamerica is home to ancient cultures, home to hundreds of millions of people and one of the regions of the world with mega-biodiversity. So it is not surprising that the subcontinent includes a huge variety of territories and areas governed, managed and preserved by its indigenous peoples and communities (ICCAs). These territories cover forests and mountains, marine and coastal areas, lakes and rivers, coral reefs, grasslands and watersheds. In recent decades, the international term "ICCA" has been used to describe these territories, but customary practices are often many centuries old and refer to a surprising variety of names and institutions.

Workshop report is only available in spanish.

Area of work: Biodiversity; Priority Group: Indigenous Peoples; Partnerships: ICCA-GSI  Knowledge-sharing and capacity building on ICCAs in Mesoamérica (3.6 MB)