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Assessing Landscape Resilience: Best practices and lessons learned from the COMDEKS Programme

The aim of this publication is to summarize the key lessons learned and illustrate the best practices drawn from the practical applications of the Indicators of Resilience in Socio-ecological Production Landscapes and Seascapes (SEPLS) and other allied tools for community consultation during more than five years of field experience in the COMDEKS Programme.
Senegal ICCA-GSI Country Profile

Country profile for ICCA-GSI
Country: Senegal; Area of work: Biodiversity; Theme: Protected Areas, ICCAs, Traditional Knowledge; Type: Fact Sheet  

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SGP Annual Monitoring Report 2016 - 2017

Type: Report/Publication  

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Blue Economy, Community Solutions

Area of work: International Waters; Type: Brochure  

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Trinidad and Tobago SGP Newsletter September 2018

Country: Trinidad and Tobago; Type: Newsletter; Region: Latin America and the Caribbean  

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Global Support Initiative to ICCAs Brochure

The Global Support Initiative for Indigenous Peoples and Community-Conserved Territories and Areas (ICCA-GSI) was formed to broaden the range and quality of diverse governance types in recognizing ICCAs and achieve the Aichi 2020 targets.  The brochure highlights ICCA-GSI framework at the global, national and local level towards achieving Aichi 11, Aichi 14 and Aichi 18.

Area of work: Biodiversity; Priority Group: Indigenous Peoples; Partnerships: ICCA-GSI; Theme: ICCAs, Landscape/Seascape, Protected Areas, Traditional Knowledge; Cross Cutting: Governance; Type: Brochure  

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SGP 25th anniversary: Local action, global impact


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A community based approach to resilient and sustainable landscapes: lessons from Phase II of the COMDEKS programme

This publication shows how much progress has been made in defining the goals, planning processes, funding mechanisms, and monitoring systems needed to make sustainable landscape management a reality. The case studies provide valuable examples of the COMDEKS approach and the improvements in ecosystem services, and rural productivity, income, and community empowerment that result.
The publication is comprised of two parts:
Part I summarizes the defining principles of the COMDEKS community-based landscape management approach, and sets out the step-by-step process used to apply the approach.
Part II presents up-to-date case material for each of the ten countries participating in Phase II of the COMDEKS Programme. This material describes the target landscapes, sets the local context of environmental, social, and economic conditions and challenges; describes the participatory landscape planning process; enumerates local program activities; and reports preliminary findings. Part II ends with a short consideration of what the COMDEKS Programme has achieved, how these insights can be applied both within and beyond UNDP, and the challenges that lie ahead for the COMDEKS community-based landscape approach.

COMDEKS: Developing and promoting agro-ecological innovations to address agroecological resilience in production landscapes

This guide provides conceptual and methodological elements for developing and promoting agroecological innovations within country strategies to address agroecosystem resilience in specific production landscapes. It is intended to serve as the basis for the implementation of the Innovative Agroecology component of the GEF Small Grants Programme in its 6th Operational phase, and to provide guidance for the agroecosystem outcome of the COMDEKS landscape approach.The guidance note explains basic agroecological concepts, principles and its application in the design and management of biodiverse and resilient farming systems. Building on the COMDEKS landscape approach, the guide strengthens its agroecosystem component to more effectively build the social, economic and ecological resilience of production landscapes.