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ADCS July 2009
Country: Nepal  

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Agroecology guidance note

This guide is intended to serve as the basis for the implementation of the Innovative Agro-ecology component of the GEF Small Grants Programme in its 6th Operational phase, and to provide guidance for the agro-ecosystem outcome of the COMDEKS landscape approach. It provides conceptual and methodological elements for developing and promoting agroecological innovations within country strategies to address agroecosystem resilience in specific production landscapes. This guidance note explains basic agroecological concepts, principles and its application in the design and management of biodiverse and resilient farming systems. Building on the COMDEKS landscape approach, the guide strengthens its agroecosystem component to more effectively build the social, economic and ecological resilience of production landscapes.

Partnerships: COMDEKS  

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Agroecology is best practice
Agroecology encompasses a holistic science; a practice, and a movement with a bottom-up approach toward creating just, ecolologically sustainable and viable food systems. Agroecology is an approach to food production that works in harmony with nature and ecosystems, instead of exploiting them.  This publication showcase for key areas: diversity, soil and water, seed, and advocacy.  Diversity is fundamental to maintaining Earth's biodiversity, and in this publication it is used to describe an agro-ecosystem that uses agroecology principles in its desing to maximase the benefits of and connections between all living things. Soil and water are key resources and there is a direct, symbiotic relationship between soil and water, yet climate change, pollution, industrial agriculture and unsustainable mining practices constantly threaten soil and water quality. Seed is the foundation of food sovereignity.  Advocacy is important in supporting farmer's voices.   
Country: South Africa; Area of work: Biodiversity, Land Degradation; Theme: Agriculture and Food Security; Region: Africa  

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Animal Care Project
Country: India; Area of work: Biodiversity  

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Biocorredores para el Buen Vivir, PPD Ecuador

La nueva fase del PPD plantea el diseño y construcción de Biocorredores para el Buen Vivir, buscando
reconstituir o generar conectividad socioambiental en cuatro ecosistemas de importancia mundial, nacional y local: páramo, bosque seco, manglar y bosque húmedo tropical.


SGP Ecuador

Country: Ecuador; Area of work: Biodiversity, Land Degradation, Sustainable Forest Management  

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Country: Costa Rica  

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