Recourse Mechanism
As part of the Small Grants Programme(SGP) effort to improve its effectiveness, SGP places special importance on integrity, transparency and accountability. A two-step procedure is hereby provided for raising issues, questions, or concerns as well as for seeking recourse on any SGP decisions or actions.

First Step:

Given that SGP is currently operating in 119 countries, it has a decentralized structure where all decision making on local issues is done at the country level. You are advised to raise any issues, questions or concerns and try to find a solution at the national level through the National Coordinator or members of the National Steering Committee of the country where you are located. You can find the contact information of the National Coordinator in your country by going to Where we work and selecting the country for which you want to raise an issue. Information on National Steering Committee members and their contact addresses can be requested from the National Coordinator or from

Second Step:

In case your concerns have not been properly responded at the country level or if your concerns are of a global SGP nature, please use this form below to raise the matter with the SGP Central Programme Management Team (CPMT):

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