Identification of animals belonging to protected species that are held in captivity in Albania
It is a fact that the environmental awareness changes and grows with the improvement of the living condition and wealth of the human society. The regime change in Albania brought with it new economic system and at the same time opening of the country brought in a new set of values regarding the environment. These new values started to be formalized in a series of international conventions such as CITES and BERN Convention, just to mention some, that Albania has adhered to. Curiously, the awareness campaign for the protection of environment and animals, the increased interest by the public and the entrepreneurial spirit of restaurant and hotel owners has resulted in the creation of small “private collections” of rare and endangered animal species. Most of the time, the conditions of the animals in captivity and in display are a far cry from the humane treatment.
This project will carry out a screening and document cases where animals that belong to protected species are kept in captivity.
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Royal Foundation
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