Conservation of ?Lesser florican? through the involvement of Phasepardhi community in tribal area of India
Conservation of ?Lesser florican? through the involvement of Phasepardhi community in tribal area of India
Grasslands are neglected ecosystems for conservation in India. The biodiversity of this ecosystem is under tremendous pressure. Flagship species of this ecosystem Great Indian Bustrad and Lesser Florican are declining rapidly. In the state of Maharashtra there is no record of Lesser Florican in last 30 years and of its nesting for last 100 years. Local tribal communities like Phaseparadhis are equally
neglected tribe and not mainstreamed in the development processes of the country.
Project aims to create a visible and replicable model of grassland biodiversity conservation with the active cooperation of Phasepardhi community, especially in-situ conservation of grassland biodiversity especially lesser florican, Sypheotides indica .The project includes development and conservation of lesser florican habitat area and would adopt livelihood strengthening activities as a strategy to help traditional hunting communities, in a more practical manner. The project visions to give a pathway for sustainable conservation of birds in various parts of India. The project aims to strengthen panchayats to take conservation and livelihood activities and would form SHGs which will under take actual activities.
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Project Snapshot

Area Of Work:
Community Based Adaptation
Operational Phase:
Phase 4
Grant Amount:
US$ 33,769.00
Co-Financing Cash:
US$ 115,671.00
Co-Financing in-Kind:
US$ 55,196.00
Project Number:
IND/SGP/OP4/Y1/RAF/2008/18/MS 28
Start Date:
End Date:
Satisfactorily Completed
Project Characteristics and Results
Capacity - Building Component
- 3 training camps and workshops were organized for villagers on sheep and goat rearing. - Exposure visits and special trainings were organised for youth, tribal and communities at large for conservation based activities.
Policy Impact
- 800 sq km area is demarcated as active Lesser Florican habitat for first time in Vidarbha region of Maharashtra,India. - Four Phaseparadhi villages have taken 'Palti breaking' oath to ban hunting for increased incomes and livelihoods. - Forest department has proactively approached villagers for Joint Forest Management programme, first time in Maharashtra with Phaseparadhi community village. Samvedna facilitated the process of community management within department and communities. - Goat based livelihoods emerged as viable option benefitting 50 families. Every year families are providing more goats through the recovery process of loans. This is creating new skills within locals to manage their resources effectively. - Maharashtra Government has accepted upscaling proposal through state Government Funds. The project approach has played a major role to influence the policy and an interconnect between livelihoods and conservation.
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Agharkar research institute, Pune

Grantee Contact

Mr. Kaustubh Pandharipande
Phone: 09850374741


Samvedna Samaj Vikas Sansthan, Professor?s Colony, Karanja (Lad) District Washim
Central , 444105

SGP Country office contact

Mr. Dilip Surkar


Centre for Environment Education,A-56, Ground Floor, South Extension - II
New Delhi, 110049