The goal of this project is to increase the effectiveness of conservation NGOs and CBOs for improved management of our National Protected Areas System. Objective 1: Increase the institutional capacity of 7 conservation CBOs in four key governance and management areasObjective 2: Improve the management and conservation of 7 protected areas through increased capacity of 7 conservation CBOs to better manage their protected area and implement projects and programs effectively and transparently. PROJECT ACTIVITIES : Activity 1. Capacity building for 7 conservation CBOs in Organizational Planning and Project Development and Financial Management and Project Accounting
1.1 Capacity building Module 1: Financial Management and Project Accounting
1.2 Capacity building Module 2: Organizational Planning, Project Development
Activity 2: Strengthen the 7 conservation CBOs by hiring project managers, project assistants and a project officer as well as purchasing basic essential equipment
2.1 Hire a Project Officer
2.2 Hire 5 Project Managers and 3 Project Assistants
2.3 Purchase essential office equipment and install internet at 5 locations

Activity 3: Capacity building for 7 conservation CBOs in Strategic Planning and Board Development
3.1Capacity building Module 3: Strategic Planning and Board Development

The Capacity Building Program will benefit 7 conservation CBOs:
1. Steadfast Tourism and Conservation Association
2. Friends of Mayflower Bocawina National Park
3. Friends of Swallow Caye Wildlife Sanctuary
4. Forest and Marine Reserve Association of Caye Caulker
5. Community Baboon Sanctuary Women’s Group
6. Friends of Gra Gra Lagoon Conservation Group
7. Rancho Dolores Environmental and Development Group

There are two main assumptions for the project to be successfully implemented; 1) Commitment from the participating organizations. Organizations will be required to sign an MOU where the roles and responsibilities of both APAMO and each organization will be clearly stated. Organizations will have to commit the time and personnel required to ensure the effective implementation of the project. A work plan will be one of the first activities that the Project Managers will develop with the participating organizations. The co-management agreements that are signed between the participating organizations and the Forest department will serve as their commitment to participate as co-managers of protected areas.

(ii) The other assumption is that participating organizations will provide all necessary and relevant information as required for project implementation particularly as it relates to the finances for the financial management component of the project.
. APAMO will continue to provide technical support to these organizations beyond the life of the project and will continue to seek international funding to assist these organizations in also meeting their capacity strengthening needs.

Project Snapshot

Grantee: Association of Protected Areas Management Organizations
Country: Belize
Area Of Work: Biodiversity
Operational Phase: Phase 4
Grant Amount: US$ 38,250.00
Co-Financing Cash: US$ 137,012.92
Co-Financing in-Kind:
Project Number: BZE/SGP/OP4/Y3/CORE/10/10
Start Date: 8/2010
End Date: 7/2011
Status: Satisfactorily Completed

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Grantee Contact

Ms. Yvette Alonzo
Phone: 501-223-7266
Fax: 501-223-7266


828 Coney Drive, Third Floor,
Belize, City, Belize , 501

SGP Country office contact

Mr. Leonel Requena
Phone: (501) 822-2462


UNDP Belize,3rd Floor, Lawrence Nicholas Building Complex ,P.O. Box 53,South Ring Road,
Belmopan, Central America