GEC is recommending EMR for Kg. Dato Hormat in the district of Sabak Bernam in the state of Selangor as the community has shown keen interest to learn and support the mangrove rehabilitation programme. They also had the backing of the Environmental Committee set-up at the district level chaired by the District Officer, and represented by various government agencies such as Department of Irrigation, Department of Environment, Selangor Forestry Department and the local village committee (or JKKK). The project aims to rehabilitate and improve the condition of the degraded mangrove belt (abandoned shrimp farms) along the Sg. Bernam by using the EMR approach with MAP’s expert input from the region and GEC’s experience in Malaysia. The EMR concept will increase the capacity of the local community, whilst establishing a demonstration site in Peninsular Malaysia to promote a cost-effective mangrove rehabilitation to support the national level mangrove rehabilitation programme for coastal protection.
To rehabilitate and improve the condition of the degraded mangrove belt along Bernam River by using the Ecological Mangrove Rehabilitation (EMR) approach.

2) To promote cost-effective mangrove rehabilitation through community based mangrove action project and enhance the biodiversity of the riverine ecosystem along Sg. Bernam.

3) To establish a demonstration site of Ecological Mangrove Rehabilitation to promote an effective
mangrove rehabilitation strategy in Peninsular Malaysia.

4) To support the national level mangrove rehabilitation programme for coastal protection

1) Meeting with stakeholders
Discussion with the local stakeholders about the importance of the mangroves rehabilitation and the formation of the stakeholders committee. Discussion and formation of a stakeholders committee is important to highlight the objective of the project and to improve the understanding of the stakeholders regarding the project. At least one meeting will be required.

2) Formation of Stakeholders Committee
The District level committee at Sabak Bernam (mentioned above) will oversee and facilitate the local stakeholder committee, and the implementation of the mangrove rehabilitation and awareness program with community participation. This helps to mobilize the community through a formal channel to work together to achieve a common goal in rehabilitating the degraded mangrove belt. Half-yearly meetings will be required.

3) Capacity building of the local stakeholder committee/ community on the EMR approach and development of the EMR action plan. [See also the attached report on similar workshop conducted by MAP and GEC at Kuala Gula, Perak]
-Stakeholders will be trained on the on the rehabilitate of the mangroves using the EMR approach by MAP experts and GEC trainers.
- One EMR workshop
- Community EMR action plan will be developed
- Organising a study tour for the local communities of Kg. Dato Hormat and site visit to Sahabat Hutan Bakau (SHB) Kuala Gula & Penang Inshore Fisheries Welfare Association (PIFWA); 4 days 3 nights activities involving 40 participants

4) Implementation of EMR action plan
- Site preparation done either manually and/or using machines
- Collection of mangroves seeds and setting up of mangrove nursery
- Community planting and peer learning process

5) Mangrove awareness programme
- Mangrove activities for the local communities and nearby schools
- Production and dissemination of education materials
- Promotion of EMR thorough GEC mangrove website
- Networking with other community groups

6) Site monitoring and evaluation

Expected Output:
Ecological mangrove rehabilitation of Kg. Dato Hormat, Sg. Bernam by converting degraded land to mangrove forest. It helps to reduce the disaster risk and increase the sense of security and belonging among the villagers.

Capacity of stakeholders in mangrove rehabilitation improved and strengthened to support national rehabilitation programme.

The biodiversity of Bernam River enhanced and indirectly supports the firefly population (Pteroptyx sp.) and fisheries resource. The livelihood and living environment of local community is improved and quality of life enhanced.

Experiences and lessons learnt from the project becomes a milestone for the mangrove rehabilitation programme in Malaysia.
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