Executive Summary
Malaysia’s wetlands area continues to be lost and degraded partly as a result of human activities. Coastal communities in Penang, especially fisher families are also affronted by the loss of coastal wetlands and consequently the essential benefits provided by the wetlands are slowly eroding and subsequently the livelihood of fisher families is impaired.
The aim of this project is to improve the livelihood of fisher families through conservation and sustainable use of wetlands resources. The project will cover the state of Penang. The project’s activities include awareness raising regarding benefits of wetland resources; conducting workshops to train fisher families on food-processing, craft making from resources derived from mangrove trees; stock enhancement of the Kerian River with lobster fries; replanting of specific mangrove species; knowledge sharing with fishers from other jetties and production of educational materials.
This project which is under GEF focal area of Biodiversity also covers cross-cutting results of livelihood improvement and poverty alleviation. The total cost of this project is estimated RM266,800 (USD88,933) with grants applied from GEF SGP totaling RM150,000 (USD50,000).
The total co-financing in cash is estimated RM30,800 (USD10,267) from several sources.
Part funding in running cost and conduct of programmes are expected from Delta
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Stationery (RM7,000) and PARCIC (RM10,000). Companies that have been supporting PIFWA’s mangroves replanting project are expected to contribute RM5,000 from Intel and RM3,000 from AMD. PIFWA will contribute part salary of the admin officer.
In-kind contributions are expected from the fisher communities locally, Sahabat Bakau from Kuala Gula, Perak and Pewanis from Setiu, Terengganu and a number of PIFWA committee members. This amounts to RM66, 000 (USD22,000) whilst CAP, SAM and USM will be contributing their expertise in terms of assisting in documentation, translation and advice. Estimated in-kind contribution from these three institutions is RM20, 000 (USD6, 666).
The success of this project in providing supplementary income that raises the total income of the fisher family is expected to be adapted by other fisher communities and in the same time our aim in conserving and sustainable use wetlands resources such as mangrove forests is expected to be met.

The objective of this project is to
(i) improve livelihood of fisher families.
(ii) rehabilitate, restock and conserve selected wetlands areas in Penang.
(iii) sustainably use wetlands resources in Penang.

The project activities are as follows:
1. Awareness raising of fisher families regarding benefits of wetland resources including mangroves, rivers and the coast.
2. Training workshop through demonstration of making food and other products from mangrove trees. Resource persons from Sahabat Bakau who are based in Kuala Gula will be invited to conduct the demonstration. Some PIFWA members who had
undergone training on food-processing from mangrove fruits and leaves will also be resource persons.
3. Stock enhancement of rivers through the release of lobster fries in the Kerian River. The fries will be sourced from a hatchery managed by a local fisher community.
4. Replanting of mangrove trees such tumu and berus (used for making food products), lenggadai and perepat (for soil protection), berembang and gedabu (for soil protection and food) and tegar (for craft-making). This activity would include survey and collection of seedlings; planting of seedlings in nursery; maintenance of nursery; handling and transportation of saplings; cost of replanting. If there are fisher communities who are selling the specific mangrove species that we seek, then the saplings will be purchased from the community.
5. Visits to fisher jetties conducted twice a month to discuss problems faced by local fishers and impart message on the importance of protecting wetlands and benefits derived from wetland resources. A study tour to fisher community in Terengganu will be conducted to learn what the women folk there have accomplished after learning from PIFWA.
6. Produce educational materials such as streamers and guidebook on process of making food products and others derived from mangrove trees.

Expected Outputs:
? Enhanced income among fisher family.
? Supplementary source of livelihood derived from wetland resources introduced to fisher families.
? Mangrove forests rehabilitated and disappearing species regenerated.
? Increase in river lobsters in Sungai Kerian.
? Guidebook on streamers on food-processing and craft making is produced and disseminated.
? Raised awareness among other inshore fishers in the state of Penang. After gaining knowledge, we believe that the fisher communities would acquire new attitudes in caring for the wetlands and its resources, work towards its conservation and protecting its richness.
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Project Snapshot

Persatuan Kebajikan Nelayan-Nelayan Pantai Pulau Pinang
Area Of Work:
Grant Amount:
US$ 50,000.00
Co-Financing Cash:
US$ 10,265.67
Co-Financing in-Kind:
US$ 28,666.66
Project Number:
Satisfactorily Completed