Establish forest stripes in crop fields in four soums of Tuv and Bulgan aimags
Establish forest stripes in crop fields in four soums of Tuv and Bulgan aimags
Forest strips will be established in crop fields in two soums of Tuv aimag and Dashchilen soum of Bulgan aimag, and bushes will be planted around the headwaters of Zuunmod town’s local river. These soums have well developed crop cultivation, but lack trees and bushes. Bushes around the local rivers are destroyed. The Boroo River in Bornuur soum is diminishing due to mining activities in its valley. The forest strips to be established around the crop fields will protect the soil against wind and adverse environmental effects, increase heat balance in the fields, create micro atmosphere and help produce relatively high yield from a small space.

Project Snapshot

Mongoliin Organik Buteegdekhuun Demjikh Kholboo
Area Of Work:
Land Degradation
Grant Amount:
US$ 21,717.00
Co-Financing Cash:
US$ 9,993.00
Co-Financing in-Kind:
US$ 26,126.00
Project Number:
Satisfactorily Completed

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Project Characteristics and Results
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Purpose of the project: To establish a forest strip around the crop fields owned by the local farmers of Tuv aimag’s Bornuur, Bayanchandmani and Batsumber soums and Bulgan aimag’s Dashinchilen soum at the request of the farmers themselves, and plant bushes around the headwaters of the Zuunmod River with a view to reducing the drying up of small rivers due to global warming and climate change.
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