Community Based Landscape Biodiversity Conservation and Protection of Endangered and Threatened Plant Species
Community Based Landscape Biodiversity Conservation and Protection of Endangered and Threatened Plant Species
This project, Community Based Landscape Biodiversity Conservation and Protection of Endangered and Threatened Plant Species from Extinction in the landscape of Habrengeka/Wara Community is envisaged to address biodiversity conservation problems from extinction and recharge wells using check dams construction to improve the livelihood of the Habrengaka farming community.
The planning process was done in a consultative process and closer participation with target communities’ representatives and local government authorities. Baseline data on the situation of the project area have also been collected and compiled. Hence, the activities identified are based on the prevailing problems, recommendations and demands of the communities identified in the landscape.
The major activities of the project are:
• collection of indigenous seeds of plant species (bamboo propagules, Terminala brownie (weyba), Anaageosus leocarpus (hanse), Acacia albida (momona) etc from mountain Hel
• seedling raising in the nursery of Elabered/ Aditekelezan Community Nursery
• Area closure of 10 Ha at Debr Hel (wild life habitat)
• Recharge of wells using check dam construction in Habrengeka.
The communities on ground mobilized by Habrengaka Kebabi Administration will take lead in the conservation and protection of biodiversity of endangered species of plants and rehabilitate the degraded water catchment area of Habrengaka using check dams to recharge the wells.
This is a two year project duration and targets ….. households or ….. persons, involving them in physical works of biodiversity conservation, enclosing 10 ha of degraded land, and recharging of wells using check dams.
The project needs a total financial contribution of USD 40,000 or Nakfa 600,000 with GEF- SGP contribution and the same amount from communities and government line ministries relevant to the project.
In kind contribution of labor, SWC equipment by Communities and in kind contribution by the grantee of Habrengaka Kebabi Administration, the local government, and Branch Ministries (in terms of technical backstopping and administrative support) amounts to USD 40,000.
The Habrengaka Kebabi Administration forms a project committee that undertakes the actual planned activities, where women and other disadvantageous groups are strongly represented. In implementing the project, 3 groups of labor division are formed at the project level.
The overall responsibility and the actual implementation will be the sole responsibility of the grantee, the Habrengaka Kebabi Administration and National Union of Eritrean Women as an intermediary org. for the project.

This project is strongly supported for implementation by the Regional Administration including the relevant regional sectoral Branch Ministries of Agriculture & Land, Water and Environment, local governments.
Regional and sub-regional authorities and SGP personnel will represent in project monitoring and evaluation process and follow result based monitoring. The knowledge gained from the l projects is also to be carefully documented and communicated to concerned organizations and offices

Project Snapshot

Habrengaka Kebabi Administration
Area Of Work:
Grant Amount:
US$ 45,900.00
Co-Financing Cash:
Co-Financing in-Kind:
US$ 50,100.00
Project Number:
Currently under execution

Grantee Contact

Mr System Administrator


Habrengaka & Wara
Keren , Anseba ,

SGP Country office contact

Ms. Freweini Negash
Mr. Alemseged Moges


Hday street
Asmara, East Africa, 5366