Actions for environmental sustainability in Wadi Zarqa through Conducting biodiversity study in Wadi Zarqa and developing and implementing strategies to protect the area of Wadi Zarqa.
The project aims at:1) survey of the fauna and flora of the area to identify the species at risk, 2) Perform a SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) of the area and provide practical recommendations for action that maximize benefit while minimizing use of resources, 3) Reach out to the community via tested permaculture models and environmental education programmes (women, school children, and farmers) in ways that enhance community by-in and increase community benefits from environmental conservation and 4) Increase local community and students’ public awareness through conducting 10 workshops. These workshops will accomplish two objectives: a) environmental education and behavioral change in terms of conserving ecosystems in Wadi Zarqa, and b) show people methods that their lives and economy could improve via things like permaculture, recycling, upcycling, and composting.


Project Snapshot

Grantee: Bethlehem University
Country: Palestinian authority
Area Of Work: Biodiversity
Operational Phase: Phase 6
Grant Amount: US$ 35,000.00
Co-Financing Cash:
Co-Financing in-Kind:
Project Number: PAL/SGP/OP6/Y2/CORE/16/01 – Bethlehem University
Start Date: 2/2017
End Date: 2/2018
Status: Currently under execution

Grantee Contact

Mr System Administrator


Frerer Street, No. 9
Bethlehem , 151


SGP Country office contact

Ms. Nadia Zuhair Elkhodary
Phone: 00972-2-2974836
Fax: 00972-2-2974836


UNDP, 4A Ya'quibi Street, P.O. Box 51359
Jerusalem, via Israel