Pilot Local Community Action Plan for Stream/Pond Conservation and the Sustainable Use of its Biodiversity
This community-based pilot project aims to complement an existing Local Agenda 21 project under the Petaling Jaya Town Council. The main project objective is to develop demonstration pilot local action programmes and activities for the enhancement of the water quality and conservation and sustainable use of the biodiversity along Sungai Penchala (Penchala River) and the Taman Jaya pond. Other objectives include providing capacity-building training and education to the local communities on issues such as the importance of watershed management, identifying sources of pollution and different species of existing flora and fauna, and possible mitigating options for the protection and enhancement of local habitats. A local handbook on river/pond conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity will be developed for use by local communities.
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Project Snapshot

Centre for Environmental Technologies
Area Of Work:
Operational Phase:
Phase 2
Grant Amount:
US$ 50,000.00
Co-Financing Cash:
Co-Financing in-Kind:
US$ 11,538.42
Project Number:
Start Date:
End Date:
Satisfactorily Completed

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Project Characteristics and Results
Gender Focus
All project-related activities and consultations will involve men and women representatives of the Petaling Jaya community, local authorities, academia, NGOs, and media and industry.
Capacity - Building Component
The capacity of the relevant local communities to implement environmental action will be built up as well as: (i) their knowledge of watershed management; and (ii) identifying sources of pollution, local biodiversity, and possible mitigating options for the protection and enhancement of local habitats.