Training Programmes for the Protection of Kackar Mountains National Park
Training Programmes for the Protection of Kackar Mountains National Park
The 51,550 ha of Kackar Mountains was declared as a National Park in 1994. According to a former study, there are 30 mammalian species as well as 116 endemic plant species. Moreover, 136 bird species were observed in the area. Three of the mammals are on CITES and Red Data Book, in endangered species list, and 10 of those are listed among the Annex II species (Strictly Protected Species) of the Bern Convention. Similarly, 92 birds are in Annex II of Bern Convention, 6 species in A1,2 and 14 are in A2 categories in the IUCN Red Data Book. Likewise, 12 of the endemic plant species and EN (endangered) and 19 are VU (vulnerable).
Kackar Mountains National Park needs appropriate and implementable plans to enable the biodiversity conservation and the development of appropriate eco-tourism. However, the only way those plans would work will be if and only if the local people and the local administration are well aware of the resource values of the area and the need for their conservation.

This project aims to provide the information to the local authorities, law-enforcing parties, people use and/or benefit the area and other stakeholders on the rich diversity of the Park, the implication of the protection statues over the management of the site, cooperation needs among the different stakeholders.
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Project Snapshot

Society for Black Sea Environment
Area Of Work:
Grant Amount:
US$ 31,455.00
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US$ 10,529.00
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US$ 668.00
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Satisfactorily Completed
Project Characteristics and Results
Promoting Public Awareness of Global Environment
The projects main and ultimate aim is to promote the importance of Kackar Mountains National Park, drawing particular attention to its biodiversity wealth and sustainable use of the natural resources that the park entails. The awareness raising is planned to be carried out through numerous training sessions targeted to specific groups of people such as school children or the local administration.

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