Community Based Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Natural Resource Use and Management in Kiau Nuluh
A community based project that investigates and resolves the issues of conserving natural resources , especially forests, that establishes an effective system of sustainable natural resource use and management. The absence of a sustainable forest management strategy may eventually deprive the local Dusun community of communal access to the natural resources found therein.The project aims to establish a community forest reserve in Kiau as a community natural resource base that is recognised by the government, build and strengthen the knowledge and capacity of the local community about biodiversity conservation, natural resource management and sustainable use, formulate strategies for additional income generation from these community natural resource bases, particularly for subsistence needs (fuelwood, medicinal plants, food), attracting scientific research, tourism and recreation. The project also aims to establish cooperation among the local community, government agencies and non-governemental organisations, and the network of other villages in pursuing biodiversity conservation and sustainable natural resource use and management. It would also raise the awareness of the local community about the importance of biodiversity conservation.
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Project Snapshot

Pertubuhan Masyarakat Kampung Kiau Nuluh, Kota Belud, Sabah
Area Of Work:
Operational Phase:
Phase 2
Grant Amount:
US$ 50,000.00
Co-Financing Cash:
Co-Financing in-Kind:
US$ 74,398.00
Project Number:
Start Date:
End Date:
Satisfactorily Completed
Project Characteristics and Results
Capacity - Building Component
An important component of this project is building the capacity of the local indigenous community to be aware of the importance of maintaining a balanced ecosystem and to be able to safeguard their natural resources through sustainable use and management, especially at water catchments.
Notable Community Participation
The local community from the villages of Kg Kiau Nuluh and Kiau Bersatu consist mainly of hill paddy farmers and rely largely on agriculture and forest resources for their subsistence, raised concern when the natural resources in their surrounding area were threatened. Thus a community-based system of natural resource management is required to safeguard the long-term sustainability of local livelihoods and conservation of the environment.
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