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Friday, 15 June 2018 18:23

Making Waves: Community Solutions, Sustainable Oceans

Written by xhavaragen
  • Type: Report/Publication, Global Publication
  • Languages:
  • Focal Areas: Biodiversity, International Waters
  • Priority Groups: Women
  • Cross Cutting: Entrepreneurship, Financial Mechanisms, Award winning -
  • Partnerships: South China Sea
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“The struggle of poor and vulnerable communities against poverty, biodiversity depletion, environmental degradation, climate change devastation and poor governance may be slow and protracted, but their local solutions and innovations guarantee the future of the present and the next generation [...] Additional resource allocation and support to the global movement of local and indigenous land and sea managers is needed from the international community to consolidate local community achievements, and initiate and sustain more local actions together to address global challenges with scaled-up solutions and innovations." – Leonardo Rosario, Trowel Development Foundation

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