12 May 2016

Mauritius parakeetsIn 1995, only 9 echo parakeets, a type of parrot found in Mauritius, were left in the world, and considered critically endangered.

Today, the species is on the way to recovery. 29 birds have now been released into the wild at la Vallée de Ferney nature reserve on the east coast of the island nation, as part of the country’s efforts to ensure the sustainable management and restoration of its native flora and fauna.

The total cost of the Ferney conservation project is USD 541,000 over four years. Financial support is provided by the GEF Small Grants Programme-UNDP under its strategic project funding window, CIEL group, and other partners such as Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust (DWCT), North of England Zoological Society (Chester Zoo) and HSBC. The Mauritian Wildlife Foundation is the grantee of this project and undertakes or oversees the conservation activities, which range from endemic bird reintroduction and management, plant conservation and habitat restoration and conservation education.

The full original article is published by UNDP Africa "Mauritian endangered bird finds new home".