This project allowed us to care for our farmers and to fight against food insecurity while also improving income.
Mr. Lucas Agbanaglo
Grantee and Executive Director, Centre de Recherche-action pour l’Environnement et le Développement Intégré (CREDI)
Country Programme Snapshot

2010 Start Year

128 Number of GEF Projects

US$ 3,444,002 GEF Grant Amount

US$ 418,203 Co-Financing in Cash

US$ 1,731,774 Co-Financing in Kind

- Non-GEF Grant Amount

- Number of Non-GEF Projects

128 Total Number of Projects

Country Portfolio by Area of Work

Capacity Development
Chemicals and Waste
Climate Change Adaptation
Climate Change
International Waters
Land Degradation
Multifocal area
* Source: SGP Annual Monitoring Process, 2022


Mr. Koffi Eli Atri
National Coordinator
Phone:+ (228) 2221 69 36
Fax:+ (228) 2221 16 41
94, Rue Agbata,LoméB.P. 911