Through the support of GEF SGP, we empowered local citizens to make a contribution to biodiversity monitoring and thereby advance Botswana’s commitment towards meeting the obligations of the Convention on Biological Diversity.
Birdlife Botswana’s Project
Country Programme Snapshot

1993 Start Year

202 Number of GEF Projects

US$ 6,058,876 GEF Grant Amount

US$ 8,885,972 Co-Financing in Cash

US$ 2,848,632 Co-Financing in Kind

US$ 50,000 Non-GEF Grant Amount

1 Number of Non-GEF Projects

203 Total Number of Projects

Country Portfolio by Area of Work

Capacity Development
Chemicals and Waste
Climate Change Adaptation
Climate Change
International Waters
Land Degradation
Multifocal area
* Source: SGP Annual Monitoring Process, 2022


Mr. Baboloki Autlwetse
National Coordinator
Phone:+ 002673633768
Mr. Kefentse Mogwera
SGP Programme Assistant
Phone:+ 267 3633719
UN Building, Government Enclave Corner Khama Crescent & President Drive P O Box 54,Gaborone, SADC


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