Lessons learned seminar for SGP Grantees from North, North-West and Eastern Poland
Lessons learned seminar for SGP Grantees from North, North-West and Eastern Poland
Evaluation workshops were organised in Wroclaw, Trzcinica, Golina by Wolow and Milicz on 5-6 November 2007 with participation of project managers of project implemented mostly by PTPP pro NATURA in South, South East Poland, journalists from EKOS Club.
In Wroclaw, in pro Natura HQ, preliminary discussion rewieved projects since 1994, including especially those which brought the most problems (eg, hydrobiological sewage treatment plant on Scinawka River, Polish-Czech border POL/94/04).It gave a good ground for review of all previous projects, progress , their growth and complexity,in management,in co-financing, problems with local authorities and various ways of overcoming them - here the list of individial cases was very long and informative and instructive. NGOs - grantees were growng together with GEF/SGP and growing experience, complexity of projects.
Second stage of workshop was held in Golina, Training center of nearby prison in Wolow, where Krzysztof Konieczny described in details a very beginning of "Black sheep" project from GEF/SGP for 50.000 USD, POL/04/01,which then developed into over 3 million EURO EQUAL 3 years programme.Initial "prisoners for nature protection" was slowly drifted away and did not constitute the main core of the program (including other training also)i. Visit to the prisoners pasture land with black sheep was the final element of this part of evaluation seminar.
In Trzcinica, educational center of PTPP pro NATURA (projects OP/06/OP3/23 and POL/06/OP3/03 discussion concentrated on pro NATURA long term strategy concerning management of 200 hectares of meadows/pasture land they owe, further developments, plans of cooperation with PTOP Salamandra in reintroduction of souslik to this area, role of the educational centre.
In Milicz dr Piotr Tyszko-Chmielowiec (NSC GEF/SGP member in 1994-1995) and Mrs. Dorota Chmielowiec demonstrated LEADER+ activities in area of Milicz Ponds, proposed for the national park dream of local NGOs and scientists) - a very extensive EU program involving local governments, CBOs, NGOs and individuals in common work to improve image of that area, to offer some tourist products based on local values (atr present - the greatest system of ponds established by the Cistercians .This area was covered by MSP GEF "Barycz Valley".
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Polish Society of Wildlife Friends, pro Natura
Area Of Work:
Multifocal Area
Grant Amount:
US$ 2,000.00
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Satisfactorily Completed
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