Conservation of Biodiversity in Langkawi Through Sustainable Eco-tourism.
Conservation of Biodiversity in Langkawi Through Sustainable Eco-tourism.
Extensive and intensive promotion of tourism of (Pulau) Langkawi Island, has been attracting ever-increasing numbers of tourists to the biodiversity rich island of Langkawi. As a consequence, the ensuing enhanced interventions of the establishment of tourism resorts/chalets, the construction of various tourism infrastructures and the impact of the manifold tourism-related attractions, coupled with the ever-escalating numbers of tourists to Langkawi, have all combined to exert pressure and threaten the bountiful biodiversity (both fauna & flora and terrestrial & marine) in and around the Langkawi islands. As such, the proposed project seeks to ensure the conservation and sustainable use of the significance of the natural heritage of the biodiversity – be it at the genetic, species and ecosystem level at Langkawi, especially since Malaysia is considered to rank among the “12 mega (bio)diverse” countries in the world. A broad spectrum of strategies and activities would be implemented in the project, focusing on awareness-raising and organizing collective action, especially among the students, tour operators and tourist hotels/chalets, with a view towards fostering “responsible tourism” and mitigating the threats being posed to the biodiversity of the islands of Langkawi. Further, the project would also involve the active participation of the local communities and the mass media in its implementation.

1. To create an awareness, sustainable use and conservation of an island's natural biodiversity through sustainable eco-torurism practises, so as to minimise the negative effects of tourism on biodiversity and natural resourcs.

2. To enhance, capacity build and empower local community's interest and capability to monitor and actively participate and ntervene in the conservation of the island's biodiversity.

The above objectives are set to be achieved through the following activities:
Stakeholders dialogue will be an integral part of the project where the issues and problems faced by natural eco-systems and human activities in Langkawi can be discussed openly and practically between various authorities, tourism and eco-tourism industry players and local communities.

Educational courses and workshops on strategic topics like sustainable eco-tourism, local biodiversity & conservation, flora and fauna of Langkawi, will be conducted to enhance stakeholders knowledge base to support local conservation efforts. An important output would be an 'Eco Tourism Code of Conduct' for Langkawi that embodies the issues faced by biodiversity of the island and threatened ecosystems and guidelines on how ecotourism is conducted in the most responsible and sustainable manner.

A simple regime of monitoring is necessary and crucial as a tool for communications and to promote awareness and interventions. Participants includes youths, teachers, local volunteers and general public where activities like a beach audit and clean-up can be develop into a fun, informative and relevant strategy to be used to conserve and protect the various natural elements that make Langkawi an important biological a nd scenic wonder to the world.

Wildlife monitoring for key species, habitats and ecosystems an data clooected would be used to strategise sustainable eco-tourism policies while promoting the conservation of these natural resources.
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Project Snapshot

Malaysian Nature Society
Area Of Work:
Grant Amount:
US$ 50,000.00
Co-Financing Cash:
US$ 6,550.00
Co-Financing in-Kind:
US$ 23,684.00
Project Number:
Satisfactorily Completed
Project Characteristics and Results
Notable Community Participation
Active local community participation is crucial in supporting the project in an effort to empower themselves to conserve their environment and the sustainable use of natural resources, rich in biodiversity.
Emphasis on Sustainable Livelihoods
It is hoped that the project activities such as beach cleanup (International Coastal Clean Up Day & Clean Up The World Day) carried out to encourage biodiversity conservation while promoting eco-tourism will continue post-project as an annual event that could provide local communities with an additional source of income especially for vulnerable groups like single mothers and the elderly, through eco-tourism, home-stay, hospitality and recycling activities.
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