Musantuthu Environmental Conservation and Sustainable Livelihoods project
Musantuthu Environmental Conservation and Sustainable Livelihoods project
The community of Mapoka village in North East Botswana, through its Bokamano Conservation Trust, requests BWP365, 000.00 from the Global Environment Facility/Small Grants Program for the implementation of the Musantuthu Environmental Conservation and Sustainable Livelihoods Project.

It is anticipated that the project will embark on grassroots environmental education of its members as a premise to their full participation in the inherent activities. The project will also address some pressing environmental issues such as land degradation and loss of biodiversity. The project will feature the establishment of a public park, the Musantuthu Park, which will enhance the public environmental education and provide a venue for relaxation and cultural preservation. Finally the project will include a number of income generating activities aimed at creating sustainable livelihoods for members of the community.

The Musantuthu Environmental Conservation and Sustainable Livelihoods Project will bring together a number of stakeholders including the Village Development Committee, the North East Technical Advisory Committee, academic institutions and NGOs based in the region.
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Project Snapshot

Bokamano Conservation Trust
Area Of Work:
Multifocal Area
Operational Phase:
Phase 4
Grant Amount:
US$ 45,398.00
Co-Financing Cash:
US$ 51,209.00
Co-Financing in-Kind:
US$ 26,919.00
Project Number:
Start Date:
End Date:
Satisfactorily Completed
Project Characteristics and Results
Promoting Public Awareness of Global Environment
The establishment of the Musantuthu Park is intended to have adequate interpretation that will permit its visitors to learn about the local environment and how it relates to other parts of the world. In addition to this, the Ward workshops will include discussions on environmental issues – global and local.
Policy Impact
The implementation of this project will contribute to the community-based natural resource management (CBNRM) policy by the Government of Botswana. It is true that the North East Region does not have the same “attractive” natural resources as regions like Ngamiland and Chobe where tourism provides income to rural communities. There are, nevertheless a number of natural resources that can provide communities with the much-needed income which is the goal of the Government CBNRM approach. The Mapoka community will undertake bee-keeping, guinea fowl rearing, native chicken rearing, all of which are natural resources. The community also hopes to resurrect some of its cultural treasures which are closely linked to the natural environment. The Government of Botswana encourages people to diversify areas of operation and so diversify the economy of the country. Tourism seems today to be the most attractive avenue for CBNRM, but it is not the only one. By engaging in other income generating activities such as horticulture and bee keeping, they would be diversifying production in Botswana.
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Grantee Contact

Ms Jokoniah Mokokomane
Phone: +267 2489135


P O Ramokgwebana Botswana
Ramokgwebana , SADC ,

SGP Country office contact

Ms. Abigail Engleton
+267 363-3767


UN Building, Government Enclave Corner Khama Crescent & President Drive P O Box 54
Gaborone, SADC