Reintroduction of Macedonian trout Salmo macedonicus (Karaman, 1924) in to the waters of Republic of Macedonia
Reintroduction of Macedonian trout Salmo macedonicus (Karaman, 1924) in to the waters of Republic of Macedonia
Between December 2008 and December 2009 MFF was successfully conducted project “Project for protection, revitalization and reintroduction of Macedonian trout Salmo macedonicus (Karaman, 1924) in to the waters of Republic of Macedonia“. With this project portion of 20.000 trout it will be introduced in Treska River. It is very important for protection and decreasing of the number of Macedonian trout, but this project was relating only with small part of our country. So, for that reason, it would be more effective if we reintroduce Macedonian trout also in the other parts of Macedonia.
The Macedonian trout is an autochthonous and endemic fish species, a part of the rich biodiversity and natural treasure of our country. It is on the red list of IUCN and for it is still little available data’s. Macedonian trout was founded in the upper part of the river Vardar, river Treska, with its tributaries Mala Reka and Belicka River, then river Kadina, Babuna and Doshnica. Today its population is drastically decreased. It’s existents in the waters of the river Vardar, Doshnica, Babuna and Kadina River is debatable. There are more reasons for that. One of the reasons for the drastically reduction of populations of Macedonian trout or it’s disappearing from some of this waters is uncontrolled exploitation and uncontrolled fishing with forbidden fishing equipment like: nets, dynamites, poisons etc.
Second reason for decreasing the population and disappearing of Macedonian trout from these waters is stocking with non-autochthonous trout’s. These waters were stocked with another autochthonous trout’s in the past. The trout’s were imported from another waters and several times trout’s for stocking of this waters was imported from Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Also, the human population have had a negative influence on the abundance of the Macedonian trout. Now the Macedonian trout can be found just in the waters of the river Belicka and Mala Reka River. For that waters there is not any data’s that they were stocked with autochthonous trout’s. Those are water parts what are in a relative protected area in which the influence of the human population is very little showed. In these waters the trout found a safety living place. But, with the building of some new roads, with the building of reservoir Kozjak and the bigger popularization of this region, the progress go on and the human pressure on this waters became stronger and more danger.
One more factor who will have negative influence on the abundance of the population of Macedonian trout is the increasing of the number of the fisherman’s who fish on this rivers. The fisherman’s come from all over the country. On one part this leads to economic and social development of the region but on the other part this is very dangerous for the Macedonian trout. We must to do something to protect it and increase its populations in waters of Belicka and Mala Reka rivers.
From all these reasons we may conclude that in order to decrease the number of the Macedonian trout we must take actions, such as reintroduction of trout as much as possible in the waters of Macedonia, in which Macedonian trout lived in the past.
From all above, we can say that activity of MFF for protection, revitalization and reintroduction of Macedonian trout in the waters of Macedonia should be continue and amplify to bigger area of Macedonian rivers.
With implementation of this project we would like to protect the Macedonian trout of disappearing from Macedonian waters. We will do rehabilitation of its population in waters where it abundance is decreased and do reintroduction in to the waters from where it was disappeared.
Sport fishing association “Vardar” from Skopje is the oldest and biggest fishing association in Macedonia. In this moment it is 4000 members. This association has several waters under concession (River Vardar from Jegunovce to inflow of River Pcinja; a part of River Pcinja, a part of River Treska and Lake Matka).
Sport fishing association “Vardar” will be use results of the project of MFF. Peoples from MFF and Institute Of Animal Science will help with their knowledge and experience from the previous project. With communication and collaboration with fishing associations from Kumanovo, Kriva Palanka, Berovo and Gostivar, and with supporting help from these municipalities, we will reintroduce Macedonian trout in more Macedonian fishing waters.
We already have the brood stock and it is in hatchery Shum – Struga (part of Institute of Animal Science – Fishery Department from Skopje). Also, we will fish matured exemplars of Macedonian trout from Belicka, Mala Reka and reservoir Kozjak for forming the brood stock.
These two type of brood stock will be used for production of eggs and fingerlings for stocking the fishing waters in Macedonia.
With this project it will be produced brood stock of the Macedonian trout for stocking the fishing waters in Macedonia. It will be stocking water of river Treska, Vardar, Mazdraca, Bogovinska, Pena, Bistrica, Lepenec, Pcinja, Kriva Reka, Kadina Reka and Ablanica, and reservoir Matka, Kozjak and Sv. Petka (Matka 2).
It will be increase the brood stock, which will be kept in hatchery Shum – Struga. The brood stock will be used for production of eggs and fingerlings for stocking the fishing waters in Macedonia, next year, too.
The benefit of this project will have: Sport Fishing Association “Klen” from Makedonski Brod, Sport Fishing Association “Vardar” from Skopje, Sport Fishing Association “Pcinja” from Kumanovo, Sport Fishing Association “Mrena” from Kriva Palanka, Sport Fishing Association “Ablanica” from Berovo, Sport Fishing Association “Treska" from Kicevo, Sport Fishing Association “Bash Vardar" from Gostivar or nearly 6.000-10.000 people.
Sport Fishing Associations will have own material (autochthonous Macedonian trout) for stocking their waters. Produced excess fingerlings will be offered to the other Fishing Associations.
The brood stock will be used for production of eggs and fingerlings for stocking the fishing waters in Macedonia, next year, too. Produced fingerlings will be offered on open market and available for buying. The concessionaires of rivers where Macedonian trout used to live will have opportunity to buy Macedonian trout for stocking. They wouldn't do stocking with other trout species. On this case the goal and the results of the project will be practicably for long time after the finishing of the activities of the project.
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Project Snapshot

Area Of Work:
Grant Amount:
US$ 40,000.00
Co-Financing Cash:
US$ 38,700.00
Co-Financing in-Kind:
US$ 11,000.00
Project Number:
Satisfactorily Completed
Project Characteristics and Results
Notable Community Participation
Local population and activists of 7 Sport fishing associations (1. “Klen” Makedonski Brod, 2 “Vardar” Skopje, 3. “Pcinja” Kumanovo, 4. “Mrena” Kriva Palanka, 5. “Ablanica” Berovo, 6. “Treska" Kicevo and 7. “Bash Vardar" Gostivar) or nearly 6.000-10.000 people took part in project implementation.
Capacity - Building Component
Local population and activists of local fishing associations from Makedonski Brod, Kumanovo, Kriva palanka, Berovo, Kicevo Gostivar and Skopje were educated on the significance of the Macedonian river trout
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Number of globally significant species protected by project 1
Number of CBOs / NGOs participated / involved in SGP project 7

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Mr. Miodrag Pesic
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