Solar powered IT system for the schools of Adibeza and Adigultti in sub reagion Areza
Solar powered IT system for the schools of Adibeza and Adigultti in sub reagion Areza
Project location is in the Afelba and Quola Seraye districts of Debub Region, some 25 Km west of Mendefera Town.

A total of 16 villages comprising of 2,102 households are beneficiaries of the project. Project duration is for 18 months.

The overall objective of the project is to assist the rural communities in the villages of the Afelba and Quola- Seraye districts to adapt to climate change effects through multifocal activities.

The immediate objectives of the project are: to install solar powered IT system for the two schools of Adi-beza and Adi-gulti and conduct tree planting around the schools and religious compounds.

Project outputs: reduction of GHG emissions through the use of solar PV systems to allow IT assisted education in the schools of Adi-beza and Adi-gulti schools; provide lighting to teacher residence; provide power to both schools to enable them conduct development and environmental seminars and show educational videos to the communities and demonstrate ecosystem generation around schools and religious compounds.

Activities: Installation of computers and solar powered systems for two schools and teacher residences and tree planting around schools and religious courtyards.

In addition the project has other components of renovating the feeder road, renovating the schools and furnishing them with school materials that are funded by the communities and other donors.

The Afelba Quola Seraye Development Committee is the grantee of the project and closely works with experts from the Ministry of Energy and Mines for technical backstopping. At the project site, a committee is formed to supervise the day to day activities of the project. Other important stakeholders of the project are local administration of Debub region and the SGP/Eritrea.
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Project Snapshot

Afelba Quola Seraye Development Committee
Area Of Work:
Climate Change Mitigation
Grant Amount:
US$ 47,019.00
Co-Financing Cash:
US$ 33,600.00
Co-Financing in-Kind:
US$ 13,125.00
Project Number:
Satisfactorily Completed
Number of innovations or new technologies developed / applied 1
Number of CBOs / NGOs participated / involved in SGP project 1
Total monetary value (US dollars) of clean energy services provided to project participants and / or community as a whole (in the climate change focal area) 31780
Number of households who have benefited* from SGP project 2102
Number of individuals (gender diaggregated) who have benefited* from SGP project 500

Grantee Contact

Mr System Administrator


173 Mate'a Street Number 19
Asmara , Maekel , 6395

SGP Country office contact

Ms. Freweini Negash
Mr. Alemseged Moges


Hday street
Asmara, East Africa, 5366