Community Based turtle conservation at Dissei Island
Community Based turtle conservation at Dissei Island
Project location is at Dissei Island 5 Km east of Massawa Port. The Dissei Community mainly depends on fishing, however, nowadays due to the high cost of fishing and lack of awareness, the community is tending to sea turtle exploitation for their living.

Sea turtles in the selected project site are threatened in many ways - hunting of adult turtles, predation of eggs, and disturbance of nesting and their hatchlings. The coastal development programme of the country is another factor that has put extra pressure on the nesting and their hatchling areas.

Project objective is minimizing sea turtle threats and their habitat through sustainable community based conservation strategy.

The Project will address the problem through various activities. The activities are train 5 members from the Dissei community to closely take care of the project and build their capacity on the protection methods and techniques and advice the community on the importance of conservation of sea turtles; protection sea turtle and their habitat( nesting habitat ) and delineating conservation area; tagging of sea turtle; providing loan of fishing net for direct project beneficiaries & consider vulnerability (like women headed households) & disadvantaged people from the community; raise awareness to the whole community of the Dissei village (200 individuals) ,nearby communities, decision makers and others and develop management plan on sea turtle value; conduct participatory project follow up, monitor & evaluation; proper documentation & reporting of project progress & lessons learned and conduct final evaluation

Project stakeholders and beneficiaries:
The National Union of Eritrean Youth & Students of Northern Red Sea Region is the grantee for the project, and will closely work with the technical backstopping of the Ministry of Marine Resources and the Department of Environment of the region. Other important stakeholders of the project are SGP, UNDP-CO, and the Dissei Community.

Anticipated output of project: 5 members of the community at least 2 women trained ; conservation area protected delineated and respected area; thirty fishing nets procured and submitted to selected women headed households and economic insecure families; creation of income (5 inhabitants at the first stage); increase awareness of turtle conservation and develop Community Based Management Plan; hunting of sea turtle and poaching of eggs reduced (85-100%); develop plan for sustainable community based turtle conservation and creating loaning system, lessons learned documented.
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Project Snapshot

National Union of Eritrean Youth and Students Northern Red Sea Region
Area Of Work:
Grant Amount:
US$ 33,100.50
Co-Financing Cash:
US$ 23,082.00
Co-Financing in-Kind:
US$ 14,518.12
Project Number:
Satisfactorily Completed

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Number of globally significant species protected by project 1
Number of local policies informed in biodiversity focal area 1
Total additional in cash or in kind support obtained for sustaining, up-scaling, and replicating SGP supported project (in US dollars) 30000
Number of households who have benefited* from SGP project 5

Grantee Contact

Mr System Administrator


Taulud Street
Massawa , Northern Red Sea , 189

SGP Country office contact

Ms. Freweini Negash
Mr. Alemseged Moges


Hday street
Asmara, East Africa, 5366