Video documentary on Climate Change Impacts on Kwai and Ngongosila Islands
Video documentary on Climate Change Impacts on Kwai and Ngongosila Islands
Kwai and Ngongosila in Malaita, Malaita Province are amongst many other small islands in Solomon Islands that are experiencing the impacts of climate change. These two islands have been victims of climate change over the years and it is somewhat rapid. The situation on these two islands calls for urgent and proactive actions to address effects of climate change. Kwai with its natural white sand together with its fauna and flora, today the once beautiful island is not like what it was some 20 years ago. This project’s main idea is to produce a video documentary on climate change issues affecting communities of Kwai islands in North East Malaita, Malaita Province. Also to identify existing measure taken by the two communities in their effort to minimize climate change. This video documentary will feature the two islands as the focal point in this project. It will look at what has happen in the past life of the two communities up to the present in relation to climate change issues and to unveil the secrets behind human environmental adaption in such situations.
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Solomon islands
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Community Based Adaptation
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US$ 2,000.00
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Satisfactorily Completed

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Ms. Lorraine Bambu
Mr. Teiba Mamu


Joint Presence of UNDP, UNFPA & UNICEF, ANZ House Prince Philip Highway 1954
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