Sobiro Solar Lighting Project
Sobiro Solar Lighting Project
Sobiro commuinity is situated on th Island of Gatokae in the Western Province(see map in annex 1-project propsal document), Solomon Islands. It has a population of around 600 people includng little children. The community is scattered around an aera of around 1.5km.

Sobiro comunitylike many other rural communities in the Solomon Islands has for many years utilize the use f kerosine for lighting and cooking needs. This is seen as a cheaper use of providing lightings for their every night activities as compared to diesel and petrol generators. No with the problem of emitting greenhouse gas by using kerosine, it is seen that the use of solar can be even cheaper and at the same time eliminate the emiaaion of gas, thus creating a ore environmental friendly atmoshpere.
The overall objective of the project is to have houses in the community life up with a renewable source of power and save money on the purchase of kerosine. At the same time, the community would feel part of the world trying to limit the emmission of greenhouse gas into the atmoshpere.

The set up of this project is designed so that all 80 househlds would wirs and fitted with 2 lights and switches. There would be two charge centres set apart from each other that will be supplying fully charged batteries at a cost. The batteries would be the stored in the centres where people willhave to pay to charge their batteries.

The expected outcomes of the project;
i. Limiting the emmission of greenhouse gas
ii. Save money on Kerosine
iii. Provide opportunity for chilldren to do thir school work during the night.
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Project Snapshot

Environmental Concerns Action Network of Solomon Islands
Solomon islands
Area Of Work:
Climate Change Mitigation
Grant Amount:
US$ 41,026.00
Co-Financing Cash:
Co-Financing in-Kind:
US$ 16,778.00
Project Number:
Satisfactorily Completed

SGP Country office contact

Ms. Lorraine Bambu
Mr. Teiba Mamu


Joint Presence of UNDP, UNFPA & UNICEF, ANZ House Prince Philip Highway 1954
Honiara, Pacific