Establishment of a vineyard-museum for autochthon grape varieties and a winery in Aghavnadzor community of Vayots Dzor region
Establishment of a vineyard-museum for autochthon grape varieties and a winery in Aghavnadzor community of Vayots Dzor region
Numerous modern researches state that Armenian highlands are considered to be the motherland of grapes. In fact, this statement first of all relates to the current territory of the Republic of Armenia and particularly to Vayots Dzor region. According to incomplete scientific information, more than 500 local grape varieties were registered in Armenia at the end of the last century. Moreover, 130 of them were discovered in Vayots Dzor and neighboring areas.
However, as a result of the historical-political events taking place in the last forty-fifty years the majority of state vineyards were destroyed by endangering the aborigine varieties of grapes. The lack of state funds provided for gene pool conservation on one hand, and the lack of knowledge on the potential of not widely spread and rare varieties on the other hand, still contribute to the decrease of varieties number today. Despite the millennial permanent history of our viticulture and wine-making, rich cultural heritage, there is no antique or medieval winery prototype, or a museum in Armenia, where the winery would be demonstrated with its functions - a place, where respective exhibits discovered from diggings would be accessible for visitors and specialists, the functional models of equipment and containers used in wine-making by our predecessors would be collected.
The project plans to establish a collection vineyard-museum in Aghavnadzor community – establish a drip irrigation sub-systems, plant sprouts and supporting columns, and build a winery by the design and the prototype of a medieval winery thus including the vineyard in tourism routes.
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Project Characteristics and Results
Project sustainability
As a result of the project implementation the community will have relatively expensive seedlings and the opportunity to sell them by a competitive price. Besides, the open-air vineyard and the winery will ensure intensive tourist flows to the community.
Inovative Financial Mechanisms
At the project final stage it is planned to promote the establishment of the community-led for-profit organization. The organization will sell varieties for multiplication, host tourists, run a hotel and offer catering services. Certain amount of the income gained during their activity will be used for solving community social issues.
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