First Regional Ecological Centre of Social Innovation: promotion of ecological technologies for the sustainable development in Moldova
First Regional Ecological Centre of Social Innovation: promotion of ecological technologies for the sustainable development in Moldova
Creation of the First Social Innovation Centre in Moldova is envisaged as an effective measure to promote a new model of sustainable development based on strengthening and balancing of three pillars: economic, environmental and social.
Economic pillar –increasing agricultural productivity by promoting innovative techniques and technologies; creating new economic activities related to innovative technologies; development of local infrastructure and human capital in rural areas;
Social pillar – public participation in decision-making, education of new-type beneficiaries acting as agents of social and economic changes; participation of all socially vulnerable groups in addressing challenges (children, youth, women, unemployed and farmers);
Environmental pillar - solving environmental problems related to inappropriate use of natural resources, reducing of anthropogenic impact on environment, valorization of the local renewable energy sources (biomass, solar and wind), improving surface water quality through proper waste management and use of new environmentally friendly sanitation methods.
The following main activities will be implemented in the First Social Innovation Centre:
- Creation of a workroom for demonstration of environmental technologies in rural areas –consultations and manufacturing of solar panels, dyers and stoves, biofilters in water and wastewater treatment, organic waste composting and urine diversion toilets;
- Trainings and capacity building – workshops, targeted development of training modules based on participants, providing consultations at the First Social Innovation Centre and in communities;
- Developing a brochure and technical manual on professional promotion of eco-technologies;
- Public awareness camping - distribution of brochures developed in the previous projects, updating the web page , information dissemination through mass-media.
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Project Snapshot

Ormax Youth Cultural Association
Area Of Work:
Climate Change Mitigation
Grant Amount:
US$ 46,662.46
Co-Financing Cash:
US$ 51,205.00
Co-Financing in-Kind:
US$ 25,000.00
Project Number:
Satisfactorily Completed
Project Characteristics and Results
Notable Community Participation
During the 2010-2013 period, ORMAX organization developed new working methods with Local Public Administration (LPA) and population in the filed of Environmental Public Policies. For the last 3 years, the experience of previous projects demonstrated that the rural population is receptive to the social and environmental changes. LPA, NGOs and citizens cooperate efficiently when the activities aim is well defined, the used means are accessible, the impact is real visible and the working methods targets the community development with its participation. The current project has been initiated through a knowledge stage of the communities, which diagnosed all of the 10 target communities. It has been organized more the 10 training sessions, presenting and discussing the community environmental problems, and debating solutions and the obligation of authorities to inform the population and to encourage the public participation. It has been working in groups in order to develop own models of citizens involvement in the solving of identified problems. During this period, there were meetings, local public debates, collecting and documenting of information samples, consulting and participation of the communities, with the direct PLA implication. The collected data serves as the basis of current project initiation. The baseline has been defined and studied at community level considering the local features. These data (maps, lists, reports, key people) will be used in the project for ensuring the homogeneous realization of demo activities, to interest the public in the adoption of innovative technologies regarding the environment protection, climate change mitigation and sustainable economic development of rural areas.
Promoting Public Awareness of Global Environment
During the project, the promoting activities are very important and will be provided all along its information campaign. The main aim of this campaign is to contribute to the acceptance of ecotehnologies as a solution for a sustainable rural development. Simultaneously, the campaign will also contribute to the project's results promotion. All the information necessary for NGOs and PLA will be will presented methodically through communication media to facilitate replication of the project possibilities. The project's replication is a long term aim for ORMAX, through the creation of the national and branch network of the Ecological Center for Social Innovation. The promoting campaign will be done using: 1. presenting materials of the performed ecotehnoligies (5000 flyers about ecosan, 5000 flyers about composting and 3 editions of Ecotehnologia bulleting, 10 000 copies); 2. advocacy activities of decision makers at local and national level related to the importance of the creation of a new rural development model based on ecothenoligies and use of local resources: presentation seminar, which will invite decision makers, mass media, professionals, beneficiaries; 3. materials for the public information regarding the importance if ecotehnoligies application in rural area, as decision makers for mproving living conditions, reducing poverty, lowering the amount of CO2 and mitigating the impact of climate change on the most disadvantaged: 2 more editions of Ecotehnologia bulletin in 5000 copies, and a brochure for authorities, NGOs, craftsmen, technical education institutions; 4. web page will ensure the finance and project's results visibility; 5. exchange of experience at interregional and transnational level will ensure the promoting of best practice models; 6. the finak conference will be accompanied by a press release and a press conference given by the project partners.
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Tonnes of CO2 decreased or avoided by energy efficient and renewable energy technologies or applying environmentally sustainable transport practices introduced by SGP Project 25
Number of innovations or new technologies developed / applied 9
Number of individuals (gender diaggregated) who have benefited* from SGP project 1000

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Mr. Oleg Rotari
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