Strengthening Nublang Conservation
Strengthening Nublang Conservation
Sombaykha is one of the remotest geog in Haa Dzongkhag with an area of 433 sq km and population of 1175. The valley falls under Toorsa Strict Nature Reserve and it is home to globally endangered and vulnerable category like red panda, flying squirrel, black bear, golden cat, takin, clouded leopard, Assamese macaque, Tibetan snowcock and etc are found in reserve.
Sombaykha is also home to Nublang, a genetically unique breed of cattle believed to have originated in Bhutan. It is highly adapted to rugged terrains and capable of production with minimal management inputs since it is raised through a practice of grazing in the forests and not stall-fed. It has better resistance to diseases and pests. It plays a significant role in subsistence farming in rural remote areas as the primary source of draught energy and manure. It also has cultural significance owing to its mysterious history of origin and the presence to this day of the Lake Nubtshonapata.
Despite its rich history, the Nublang breed is facing threat to its very existence due to its low productivity in comparison to the mixed breeds and the strong enforcement of forest regulations on free grazing of cattle in the forest. Also, lack of income generation from this breed is also dissuading farmers from Nublang farming leading to the gradual decline of the Nublang population. Therefore, innovative measures to encourage Nublang farming whilst generating income and enhancing livelihood of the people is very important to prevent extinction and conservation of Nublang.
Therefore, the project “Strengthening Nublang Conservation” was carried with Nublang Gonor Gongphel Detshen, a community based group to conserve and promote Nublang farming. The project aims to
i. To promote and impart people centric conservation and sustainable use of Nublang genetic resources
ii. To initiate improvement of milk yield through breed improvement, proper housing and sanitation
iii. To maintain effective population of Nublang through reduction of calf mortality
The project carried out activities towards the breed improvement of Nublang ensuring improve in genetic base. The project has supported 30 households in providing improved housing and sanitation support for Nublang farming and has reduced loss of Nublang to diseases because previously, 10 nublangs were lost to outbreak of black quarter disease. Through project, intervention like development of pasture near homestead for calves were carried out to reduce calf mortality to wild life depredation because in the past, 25 calves were lost to wild dogs.
Thus, project has been able to maintain effective population of Nublang and promote Nublang farming to villagers for income generation.

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Project Snapshot

Nublang Gonor Gongphel Detshen
Area Of Work:
Grant Amount:
US$ 29,800.00
Co-Financing Cash:
Co-Financing in-Kind:
US$ 68,300.00
Project Number:
Satisfactorily Completed
Project Characteristics and Results
Project sustainability
High Sustainability: Beneficiaries were actively and directly involved in implementation of project thus ensuring ownership to the project.
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