Sustainable biodiversity of Bukovo pepper
Sustainable biodiversity of Bukovo pepper
Traditional ol red Bukovo pepper originates from village Bukovo, located on the slopes of Pelister (40° 58'59 "N 21°19'59" E), from which comes the name. The trade that took place in the XIX century in this village witnessed entries from foreign diplomats and travelers of crushed red pepper and spicy [1], whereby the village became known. In many places of Macedonia made famous spice "bukovec", but only one originating from v.Bukovo is prepared on original way, which over time has not been changed through the time to date called “Bukovo pepper". On the contrary, the deep roots of tradition in the community has held traditional recipe for preparation, and seeds were inherited in households from generation to generation (Figure 1). This old local population is found in village Bistrica also, Bitola region and this resulted from that in the past the dried peppers are carried in the existing mill grinding there. Eastern exposure and many sunny days in ecologically clean environment presents an advantage that results in practical benefits for the local community and users of "Bukovo pepper", which is pretty rare today.
According to current data when visiting s.Bukovo almost at all households, local residents grown red Bukoo peppers , which are dried in long strings hung on the house walls (Figure 2), further dried in oven and crushed in the carved oak tree locally known as "kutle" (Figure 3), the same as ever (Figure 4), and households are distributed to local markets, cafes, restaurants. But, the current situation compared to the period of a decade ago indicates "trend" of decreasing household that reared “Bukovo pepper”, because there is no connection and organization of producers in the local community, or market strategy.
Looming threat of mixing red Bukovo pepper with similar others, its transferring in other regions of Macedonia, which leads to loss of authenticity. Even mixing the local practices of preparation of "Bukovo pepper" is a serious threat to the permanent loss of the original preparation. It is noteworthy that the trade network throughout Macedonia meets product "Bukovec" which is probably taken as synonymous of “Bukovo pepper”, nor far no resemblance to the resource (red Bukovo pepper), recipe, method of preparation and fair geographical origin (village Bukovo). Therefore, the mentioned product "Bukovec" not marked these important data, nor is protected geographical origin, and always behind those data are hiding the real "story" for the “real product” [2]. These reasons "stalking" and can lead to even more danger and loss of local population red Bukovo pepper indicates the need to focus on all past and current efforts of the local community in village Bukovo to maintain “red Bukovo pepper” and method of spice preparation "Bukovo pepper". The demonstration of significance will support , connect and engage residents and other local network with strong and clearly laid partnership . Only in this way will intercept recent possible problems through vertical array will mark the end of an important LPGR [3] produced in an ecologically clean environment and mosaic distribution of sustainable agricultural practices and extensive use of natural resources.

These are important local plant genetic resource (LPGR), which with its meaning in Macedonia marked and still marks many cooked dishes, with a concept designed for the sustainable production that would also be economically viable, and the purchase of manufactured spice "Bukovo pepper" provided. This is a good opportunity for local development, and overcoming this condition that leads to permanent loss of RGR and would allow strengthen producer-consumer relations. At the same time project influence will contribute to improving household income and overcoming poverty little at least.
The impact is multi dimensioned; here should be emphasized that this concept and strategy will encourage local residents to keep them interested and younger members of the household as well, and thus ensure sustainability of the community, establishing partnerships, organized manner, expanding capacity and annual production. This leads to further expand the horizons for the place of the individual, or household in the community striving to improve living standards, but also raise awareness that the local practices can begin production which will be local, but also global influence and direct benefit to the community. The planned activities will support the residents, households and mobilize further strengthen integration in the community where their lives are going.
Implementation of planned project activities can be measured by the following indicators:
1. Establishing a data base of local grower population red Bukovo pepper with the following measurable results: their number, basic contact details, GPS coordinates of the place of cultivation, photo documentation, local practice;

1. Establishing a data base of producers of spice “Bukovo pepper" in the following measurable results: number condition, contact data, GPS coordinates of the place of manufacture, description of the recipe (in details), method of preparation accompanied by photo documentation;

2. Identification of similarities and common features unchanged between local populations with the following measurable results: degree of divergence through time distance of breeding households and choice of local populations for molecular characterization;

3. Completed questionnaires (number) with the following measurable results: classification of recipes by 1) age of the surveyed population (a.> 60 yrs; b. 40-60 yrs; c. ?40 yrs), 2) indigenous origin (native, coming to this place) and 3) ethnicity;

4. Defined quality parameters analyzed according to the following measurable results: quantification of sugar, fat, protein, fibers, vitamins A, C, E, capsaicin, lycopene and ?-carotene;

5. Networking and member reception of the following measurable results: number of members of farmers-producers of “Bukovo pepper" and producers of spice "Bukovo pepper";

7. Protected designation (geographical) of origin (PDO) with the following measurable results: marked important geographical determinants of packaging properly chosen logo;

8.Selling public place with the following measurable results: transparent popularization of red Bukovo pepper and spice "Bukovo pepper", choice of the local population that produces the most quality popular spice "Bukovo pepper";

9. Public presentation of the red Bukovo pepper" and spice "Bukovo pepper" in the following measurable results: tasting onsite evaluation and categorized as a. Aromatic with excellent taste; b. Aromatic; c. Acceptable spice;

10. Getting to a more advanced stage of registration with next measurable results: sustainability of resources and traditional product;

11. Start the celebration of the tradition of "Bukovo pepper" with the following measurable results: presentation of international representation (photo exhibition) of "Bukovo pepper"

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US$ 9,864.00
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US$ 5,000.00
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US$ 5,000.00
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Project Characteristics and Results
Capacity - Building Component
11 people trained on the basic principles of organic production and the use of modern irrigation system "drop by drop".
Emphasis on Sustainable Livelihoods
11 people trained on the basic principles of organic production and the use of modern irrigation system "drop by drop". Established an association of growers of red Bukovska piper and manufacturers of spice “Bukovska piper” and setting a cooperation with customers and major supermarkets. Secured one-year lease of stall on the local market in Bitola where the Bukovska piper spice was promoted and can be purchased
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Number of globally significant species protected by project 1
Hectares of globally significant biodiversity area protected or sustainably managed by project 3
Number of women participated / involved in SGP project 20
Innovative financial mechanisms put in place through SGP project 1
Number of individuals (gender diaggregated) who have benefited* from SGP project 30

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