Halting loss of agricultural land to flash floods and erosion, Phongmey, Trashigang
Halting loss of agricultural land to flash floods and erosion, Phongmey, Trashigang
Kamrong Dungjuri Critical Watershed Management Group of Karmagoenpa and Khara village under Lem Chewog. The group consist of 110, the site is located 34KM away from Trashigang. Gewog area sprawl about 99 Sq Km. the Phongmey Gewog Consist of Five Chiwog consist of 661 with the population of 4575.
The site is located at the risk zone between two major landslide streams, Kamrong to the west and Dungjuri to the east. Below the village further located 3 villages (Demkhar,Gazari & Lem) comprising of 100 househild with the population of 334 male and 289 female which all depends on agricultural product. All agricultural land and natural biodiversity located in this area are in danger to land degradation.
This landslide falls in the upper part of Gazari village where farmers have hectares of paddy field &dry land, which all are at the risk zone. Further this landslide contributes in Gamri which passes through the villages of Phongmey and Radhi. Unless the problem is first addressed right at the beginning, any interventions at the later stage will be ineffective and would make bad economic sense.
Further Kamrong stream adds land degredation to Youderi, which is main tributaries for Gamri. Youderi gives large trouble to the people of 3 Gewogs (Sakten,Merak & Phongmey), i.e mainly coz, of Kamrong erosion adds to the Youderi. The situation is becoming worse year by year and it is critical indeed. The people of this particular area are concerned about losing their agriculture land to the Kamrong stream degradation.
There are several streams which contribute as tributaries to Udri Rivers and at last to Garmri. The Proposed project site is located in between main tributaries (Kamrong and Dungjuri) of Udri rivers. Mostly at monsoon season the stream have direct effect on loss of arable land through soil erosion which contribute to gully formation at nearby village. Not only that, this has affect the social lives of farmers and civil servant of Phomey, Sakteng, Merak Gewog.
The main objective of this project is halting loss of agricultural land to flash flood and erosion
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Project Snapshot

Kamrong Dungjuri Watershed Group
Area Of Work:
Land Degradation
Grant Amount:
US$ 35,044.00
Co-Financing Cash:
Co-Financing in-Kind:
US$ 34,200.00
Project Number:
Satisfactorily Completed
Project Characteristics and Results
Project sustainability
High Sustainability: beneficiaries were directly involved and participated in execution of project activities thereby ensuring the ownership to the project. The beneficiaries have witnessed the benefit of project, stream's volume have decreased thereby safeguarding a village being washed away by huge slides.
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