Land rehabilitation and erosion control, Songphu, Trashigang
Land rehabilitation and erosion control, Songphu, Trashigang
“Pema Chojay Rotpa” lies in the heart of Dangrey village under Changmey Chiwog with area coverage of 5.8 hectare by GPS reading. The chiwog have 196 active households with total land holdings of 191.73 acres of dry land (cultivated) and 90.11 acres of wet land (cultivated) as per the record maintained at the RNR centre. The primary causes of the slides in the area was due to wetland cultivation at the top in the past, existing of marshy land and continues water flow in the area from the farm road above. At the same time, frequent grazing of cattle lead to destruction of existing forest coverage with loosening of soil.
The Zambala land slide area at Challing covers 2 hectare of land with steep slope located just below the Gesar Ganapati lhakhang, on the way to Thromang lhakhang. The land slide occurred due to the leakage of main water supply pipe to Rangjung town with serious rate of water seepage in the surrounding areas. At the same time, a stream water flows just above the eroded areas throughout the year with lower water volumes in winter and vice versa in summer. This is the secondary causes of soil erosion to already affected areas downstream. In future, the affected areas may become serious and have direct impact to the environment in and around the vicinity with various disadvantages downstream. The Challing Chiwog has 80 active households with 351.31 acres of cultivated dry land. The slide also affects Shongphu Chiwog having 282 acres of dry land and 34.91 acres of wet land belonging to 97 households apart from some parts of Changmey Chiwog.
Lastly, Changmey village, located on the way to Yobinang village has problem of lack of safe drinking water to the villagers. In summer, the entire volume of rain water from the farm road directly flows into the water source area and causes contamination with higher risks of soil erosion. In future, the water source may not exist any longer leading to environment degradation and retard continuous water flow for economic purposes.
Chaling and Dangrey villages under Songphu Gewog were severely affected by landslides and mass movement of surface soil. Zambala slide at Chaling endangered the lives of 80 households/families and over 290 hectares of agriculture land. Pema Chojay slide at the heart of Dangrey village risked about 90 households and over 120 hectares of dry and wetland. In addition community water source at Reshoree was contaminated by dirty water from the farm road, to the extent of outbreak of H1N1 at Changmey Primary School in August 2012.
Recognizing the problem faced by above villages, the project to rehabilitate their lands and mitigation to prevent contamination of drinking water is proposed for SGP fund. The target beneficiaries will be the communities of Dangrey, Chaling and Changmey villages. The objectives of the project are:
1. Rehabilitation of eroded landscape and improve productivity
2. Erosion control through water diversion and plantations
3. Improvement of drainage and sanitation of drinking water sources
The project “Land rehabilitation and erosion control, Songphu” was started on December, 2012 and completed by December, 2015. Mawong Phenthab Lagyuel Detshen, a community based group mobilized the local communities to address the above problems. The beneficiaries actively worked with the group in planting trees, and other laborious activities contributing to rehabilitating of their lands and other objective of the project.
Hence, the project has brought great benefit to 170 households in Dangrey, Challing and Changmey villages.

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Project Snapshot

Mawong Phenthab Lagyuel Detshen
Area Of Work:
Land Degradation
Grant Amount:
US$ 38,350.00
Co-Financing Cash:
Co-Financing in-Kind:
US$ 39,500.00
Project Number:
Satisfactorily Completed
Project Characteristics and Results
Project sustainability
High Sustainability: as direct beneficiaries were actively involved in rehabilitating their lands. Accordingly, targeted beneficiaries were actively involved in managing and monitoring of water flows.
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