Knowledge Enchancement Of The Community Through Capacity Building For The Protection Of The Environment and Community Health For Mercury Containing Products In The Lighting Industry In Malaysia
Knowledge Enchancement Of The Community Through Capacity Building For The Protection Of The Environment and Community Health For Mercury Containing Products In The Lighting Industry In Malaysia
TEEAM would like to carry out the second phase of CFL Recycling Programme as part of its commitment towards environment protection and sustainability. TEEAM agreed that a second phase of the CFL Recycling Programme is needed in order to continue this green effort as the use of energy saving lamps is rampant in Malaysia. TEEAM hope that the second phase of CFL Recycling Programme would give important momentum in achieving the following objectives:

• Providing an avenue for everyone to make a difference.
• To reduce the environmental risk from improper disposal of CFL & Fluorescent lamps to landfill.
• To educate and encourage the public to practice recycling in their daily life.
• To protect the environment for human and ecosystem health.

Although manufacturers have greatly reduced the amount of mercury used in fluorescent lamps over the past 20 years and they are currently taking additional steps to further reduce their mercury content, mercury is an essential component to fluorescent lamps and cannot be eliminated completely. Since, fluorescent tubes are still widely used at homes and workplaces, the second phase of CFL Recycling Programme will include the collection of fluorescent tubes as well.

Disposal of used CFLs and Fluorescent lamps in landfills is among the primary sources of mercury pollution that could migrate to groundwater and also become airborne. The Government is determined to provide sustainable recycling system in the country. However, CFL & Fluorescent lamp recycling is not a national legal requirement. Therefore, TEEAM would like to influence the government to establish basic policies and conduct public relations for promoting CFL & FL recycling in Malaysia. TEEAM’s commitment is to work with the local governments, i.e. Ministry of Urban Wellbeing, Housing & Local Government, Ministry of Natural Resources & Environment, Ministry of Education, Residential Associations and etc to make the CFL recycling options widely available. And also launch an integrated campaign in order to have:

(i) widespread awareness,
(ii) widespread understanding,
(iii) cooperation and participation.

1.0 Expand & continue the collection of CFL & FL
Our plan was to develop awareness collaterals to influence the community on CFL & FL recycling. We intend to print postcards /notebook /ruler & recycle bags to distribute during our campaign/ roadshow to encourage participation.

2.0 Collaborate with special interest groups and government agencies
TEEAM intend to collaborate with the Japan Fluorescent Lamp Recycling Co., to promote this programme. We wish to develop innovative approaches through this partnership. We also intend to strengthen our link with the government to establish a permanent CFL & FL recycling in Malaysia.

3.0 Conduct outreach and raise awareness
We hope to educate the community to make the right decisions about how and where to dispose of their used CFL & FL through campaign/roadshows in a bigger scale. We also intend to conduct awareness talks in schools to educate the students on proper disposal of used CFL & FL and to improve their attitude towards recycling.

4.0 Promote CFL & FL disposal through media
Media exposure for recycling is a great way to reinforce support for the CFL & FL recycling programme and to remind residents that their efforts do make a difference. TEEAM intend to promote this programme by issuing a press release, TV/radio coverage, write up in newspaper, magazines & etc to attract public notice. It will encompass promotion and implementation of the collection system for CFL & FL recycling as well as public education about the need to recycle CFL & FL.

5.0 Collection & disposal
TEEAM will engage a recycling contractor, Kualiti Alam to collect the used CFL & FL lamps from the drop-off locations for proper disposal.
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Project Snapshot

Area Of Work:
Grant Amount:
US$ 30,000.00
Co-Financing Cash:
US$ 6,500.00
Co-Financing in-Kind:
US$ 6,000.00
Project Number:
Satisfactorily Completed
Project Characteristics and Results
Notable Community Participation
1. Establishing a recycling program in school will provide students with an opportunity to turn concern for the environment into positive action and also helps to enhance environmental and global education inside and outside of schools. Therefore, TEEAM will focus primarily in educating the students. 2. We also work collaboratively with members, stakeholders, governments & retailers to promote the CFL & FL Recycling programme. 3. Japan Fluorescent Lamp Recycling Co., Ltd, (who is one of the largest company for fluorescent lamp recycling in Japan) is working on a pilot project to build a plant in Malaysia to recycle fluorescent lamps. TEEAM intend to collaborate with them to promote this programme.
Project sustainability
The project has continue the collection of used CFL & FL through cooperates sponsorship form Philips, Real Magic Tech, and Kew Pump.
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