The Grenadines is found in the Caribbean south of mainland St Vincent and is comprised of a
chain of Islands. The residents earn a living from fishing and tourism related activities.
Currently there is a lack of continuous public education and awareness on climate change and
other environmental issues as well as the activities of NGOs/CBOs in the Grenadines.
This is because NGOs and other small groups do not have the resources or knowledge to
continually communicate with the public on environmental issues coupled with the absence of a
media outlet in the Grenadines. Media outlets on the mainland provide low or no publicity on
environmental issues in the Grenadines. Paid advertising using these media sources is very
expensive for small groups and NGOs to inform the public about their projects and work.
The unavailability of a public broadcast facility for groups and NGOs to conduct live interviews
and provide continuous public education and awareness on environmental issues also hinders
awareness on these issues.

Radio Grenadines Inc. a Not-for-Profit organization is proposing a multipart approach strategy to
improve the circulation of environmental news, activities and issues in the Grenadines and by
extension of the internet, nationwide and worldwide through the use of media and Internet Radio. The primary objectives of the project included the following:

1. To ensure that that there is a core of set of persons (70) trained
throughout the Grenadines in using media for environmental awareness who will then apply themselves to conduct effective public awareness and outreach programs and communicate effectively the activities of their organizations and climate change and other environmental issues.

2. Retrofit an office space to establish a public internet broadcast and media facility on Union Island, to highlight environmental issues and the activities of NGOs and CBOs through live talk shows and other media production.

3. Develop and ensure an ongoing interactive radio question and answer program/talk show to cover climate change awareness and several other environmental topics.
The project activities would include the following:

1. Media Workshops and Climate Change Awareness
We will train in total 70 persons from various groups and NGOs across the Grenadine Islands (20-Union Island, 10-Mayreau, 20-Canouan, 20-Bequia) in 1 day workshop at each island in short article writing, proper use of social media, photos and videos for CEPA (communication,
education and public awareness). This will enable groups to disseminate information to the public and media on activities of their groups as well as raise awareness on climate change and other environmental issues in their respective islands. The training exercise will also sensitize persons of Radio Grenadines Inc and along with a Partner NGO SusGren will also deliver topics on climate change at the workshops.

2. Public Internet Broadcast Facility
Presently there is an agreement in place for a shared office space between Radio Grenadines and the Environmental Attackers who as been allocated a space at the Learning and Resource Center (owned by the SVG Government), Union Island. Equipment such as (computers, microphones, mixing consoles, sound recording devices, camera, etc) will be purchased to retrofit this office space and establish a public internet broadcast and media facility in this shared office. Recently the Government of St Vincent and the Grenadines delivered 1 laptop per child and LIME (internet service provider) has made internet service very affordable for these homes at less than half the normal rate making it easy for these internet radio programs to reach every home in St Vincent and the Grenadines. Given the global reach of the internet and mobile devices these programs can be heard in every country with internet service.
The Media component of the facility will function to improve the media coverage of NGO/CBO
activities and other live events by way of written articles, video and use of photos and social
media ie. NGO conducting environmental activities can call on Radio Grenadines to provide
media coverage for dissemination to its network.

This facility will also function as an incubator for students who are interested in media and radio
broadcasting to have practical experience in broadcasting . Discussions were done in 2013 with
the principal of the Union Island Secondary for students to play an active role in media via Radio
Grenadines. Students leaving school can use this skill-set to further their studies in media and
journalism and gain employment further afield hence a form of continuous livelihood.

3. Radio Broadcast Training
Radio Grenadines Inc. will conduct a 5 days training course for 20 persons in Union Island in the field of broadcasting and equipment use, after this training it is expected that persons will have the skills to operate the equipment in the broadcast facility professionally to deliver programs. These persons will use the facility to conduct a series of environmental question and answer talk shows over a 7 month period. Teachers from the schools (primary and secondary) will be included in the training so that they will be able to supervise students to conduct educational programs (school corner).

4. Climate Change / Environmental Talk Shows
Radio Grenadines will deliver a total of 80 environmental radio shows (focusing on climate
change and additional topics covering all of GEF SGP themes) and an interactive radio question
and answer segment where persons will be prompted to research for answers to call in on the
show and answer questions, this method will cause an increase in retention span of information.
Persons will be able to win prizes (educational, such as environmental books, school supplies etc) on the shows, this will create a level of excitement and anticipation resulting the environmental shows to be effectively disseminated. An exchange agreement will be made with NBC Radio, of St Vincent and Vibes 101.3 in Carriacou, Grenada for exchange of airtime at fixed intervals to extend the reach both ways of these shows to persons with fm radios.
Radio Grenadines Inc. would also network with NGOs and Government agencies such as NEMO etc on mainland St Vincent so that they can use the broadcast and news platform for raising awareness on environmental issues. Other talk shows will be created such as health, education, sports, small business etc. Radio Grenadines Inc. stands firm to only topics and coverage of community development, we would be politically and well as gender neutral and would keep our programming focused and not open to give leeway for strayed views. Where necessary we would add a disclaimer. Even after the life of the project this facility will continue to deliver these environmental and other programs such as health, education, culture etc by way of donations, volunteer work, advertising and sponsorships.

Due to the nature of this project several persons and groups will see short term and long term
benefits. Media and Communications Training will be conducted throughout the Grenadines to
persons involved in NGOs , CBOs and other Groups, Educational Institutions involved in
environmental and other social work. After the training these NGOs and groups will be skilled
enough to effectively communicate their activities to the public, by using several mediums hence
awareness of their activities will be increased, this will have a return effect on the environment.
Persons that are trained in Broadcast will also be introduced to a new skill in broadcasting which
can increase livelihood for them. Students from primary to secondary will benefit from the
Broadcast Facility in Union Island to use as a training ground for media and communications and can continue on this journey after leaving school. The broadcast facility will facilitate a series of environmental talk shows which will be echoed across the Grenadines and worldwide, this will bring about considerable environmental change across all focal areas. The broadcast facility will also facilitate other shows such as in the areas of Health, Sports, Culture, Small Business, Disaster Preparedness, Religion, once again benefitting several sectors of persons.
The project will be monitored during each activity to ensure effectiveness, this will be done by
members of the group and will be done by photos, reports, forms etc. The project will be
evaluated at the end of 12 months. Lessons learnt will be disseminated via reports and other
forms as deemed
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Project Snapshot

Radio Grenadines Inc.
Saint Vincent and Grenadines
Area Of Work:
Community Based Adaptation
Climate Change Mitigation
Grant Amount:
US$ 45,280.37
Co-Financing Cash:
Co-Financing in-Kind:
US$ 41,944.45
Project Number:
Satisfactorily Completed
Project Characteristics and Results
Gender Focus
The composition of the Organization includes 3 males and 5 females. The project seeks to include both gender and create equal capacity building and livelihood opportunities for men, women and youths.
Promoting Public Awareness of Global Environment
The project is sustainable as it focuses: • Proposed to train 70 persons throughout the Grenadines in media and communication who will be able to conduct effective public awareness and outreach programs and communicate about environmental issues. Stabilization of river bank and reduce soil erosion. • Create an avenue for ongoing interactive radio question and answer program/talk show to cover several environmental topics.
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Grantee Contact

Mr Stanton Gomes
Phone: 784 4320467
Email: stantongomes@gmail.com


Campbell, Clifton P.O
Clifton, Union Island , Southern Grenadines , VC0470



SGP Country office contact

Ms. Tasheka Haynes


P.O. Box 2338, SeaBreeze Bldg. Arnos Vale