Sustainable Management of Tsendendra Community Forest
Sustainable Management of Tsendendra Community Forest
Tsendendra Community Forest is located 7km from the Wangdue Phodrang Dzongkha Administration under Zamding Chiwog of Rubesa Gewog, at an altitude range of approximately 1200 to 1500 masl. The community forest has a total area of 113.51 hectares / 280.4 acres. The CF is divided into three blocks, namely Tsendendra, legona and Shapchagang block depending on type of forest for better management. The Tsendendra community forest management group constitutes of 52 household as CFMG members from six villages viz. Zamding, Aleygang, Jasekha, Rutokha, Nalakha and Palokha. The proposed site for project implementation covers a total area of 113.51 hectares of forest coverage as well as a semi-barren, sloppy area located at an altitude of approximately 1200 - 1500 masl. Although demarcated and reserved as the community forests nothing much has been done due to lack of fund and the proposed site at present serves only as a grazing ground for the livestock’s without contributing much to the community. The agro-climate condition is very suitable for the cultivation of broom-grass. Cultivation is a viable option for the best utilization of this semi-barren land in the largest interest of the community. Being a multipurpose species it provides brooms, fuel and fodder. It is expected that all these multiple benefits that the community derives from the cultivation of broom grass would directly contribute to their economy and enhance rural livelihoods.
The cultivation of broom grass (Thysanolaena maxima) is also less demanding in terms of inputs and resources unlike many other crops. The non-perishable nature of the crop allows for a long storage period and easier transportation of the products to distant places. With the increase in demand for more durable brooms of locally produced materials, marketing does not seem to be a major hurdle. Moreover, the broom grass cultivation can be very profitable enterprise to the community at large. Since farmers rearing livestock’s in the community have limited fodder species, broom grass serves as a good fodder substitute during the lean period. The fibrous root system of the plant is very useful in stabilizing soil or erosion control in the sloppy area of the proposed site. The multipurpose species also has a high soil conservation value. Therefore, its cultivation can promote the sustainable use of existing waste/barren land which is in line with the policy objectives of the sustainable land management project.
The community also proposes to plant bamboo and tree seedlings in some other suitable area on need basis as they foresee the great soil conservation value out of bamboo and trees. The implementation of this project may assist in the reduction of soil erosion in long run beside local benefit from these planted seedlings.
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Tsendendra Community Forest Group
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US$ 23,850.00
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US$ 25,600.00
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Satisfactorily Completed
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