Biodiversity conservation for sustainable use of Non-Timber forest products (NTFPs) Project
Biodiversity conservation for sustainable use of Non-Timber forest products (NTFPs) Project
According to the information provided by District Forest office (DFO) at Salyan district, the majority of people of Kajeri, VDC (Some other too) use the NTFPs from trees Persea bombycina (Kaulo) and Cinamomum tamala (Tejpatta). For this, they have been cutting down the trees but due to lack of knowledge on the consequence of degrading ecology, the locals are not planting the new trees in the deforested area as a result of which the problem of deforestation, decrease in frequency of regular rainfall, landslides in hilly areas and reduction of wildlife habitats have been rapidly increasing. Similarly, the local people of Kajeri VDC nearby Sarada River Bank have been cutting down Agave americana (Ketuki) growing in the banks for the sake of fishing but this plant has been thought to be the best habitat for wild animals Martes flavigula (Malsapro) and Lutra lutra (Paniwoth). But such human activities have created the possible risk of extinction of wild animals Martes flavigula (Malsapro) and Lutra lutra (Paniwoth) living in the banks of Sarada river.
Likewise, the surrounding area of KUPINDE DAHA is a suitable places of different kinds of birds and aquatic animal and is equally potential to tourism. It would be one of the potential means to economic empowerment of local habitant. Due to different negative human intervention like deforestation, no initiation in watershed management and pollution control around the catchment, there is degradation in aquatic ecosystem which has hampered in lives of aquatic animals, birds as well as natural beauty of lake. Till now, no local as well as other governmental and non-governmental agencies are being pro-active to conserve it.
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Participation for Sustainable Development, Nepal
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Phase 5
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US$ 48,779.00
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US$ 500.00
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US$ 2,100.00
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Currently under execution
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