MEGA Game: Strengthening Environmental Governance in Moldova through Innovative E-learning and Collaboration Platform for Environmental Action
MEGA Game: Strengthening Environmental Governance in Moldova through Innovative E-learning and Collaboration Platform for Environmental Action
MEGA Game is the environmental e-learning and community engagement system being created with the purpose to support other environmental NGOs, civil society initiative groups, and individual environmentalists to strengthen and improve community-based environmental governance in Moldova through cost-efficient capacity building, behavior change, and management of environmental projects. MEGA Game system consists of 2 interconnected components:
1) Gamified web platform and smartphone app for grass-root collaborative environmental capacity building, information exchange, and environmental project management backed by
2) Offline community of environmental NGOs and civil society initiative groups (termed “Mission Providers”) from one side and individual environmentalists and volunteers (termed “Green Agents”) from the other cooperating together within the web platform and app and benefitting from their elearning, knowledge sharing, and project management tools.
The MEGA Game project thus aims at addressing the issue of lack of necessary cooperation between environmental NGOs in Moldova and low engagement of Moldovan society in environmental governance and policy-making. Specifically, the MEGA Game project in 2015 is focused on the area of water management and its pollution with agriculture-and-waste-originating toxins (particularly nitrates) in the Bic River basin and Gagauzia, as well as lack of clean drinking water supply for communities residing there, thus capitalizing on the resources and successes of the other two projects by MEGA: G.R.E.E.N. and BioApa ( and the ongoing initiatives currently in progress of implementation by our partners INQUA-Moldova and PNMS. The reason for targeting specifically the water quality and management issue in the Bic River basin and Gagauzian region is that the communities there are most dependent on water resources (all water resources there are used for either agriculture or drinking), while about 90% of all available surface water and
groundwater is contaminated by agriculture-originating nitrates and municipal-waste-originating toxins. Due to these causes the Bic River and the wells in these regions are considered to be the most heavily polluted and the fastest deteriorating water resource supplies in the country.
Within the issue described MEGA Game focuses on
a) building the capacities of NGOs to engage the residents of the Bic River basin and Gagauzian region in collaborative environmental action and policy-making to improve water purification and management practices in the area and thus the quality of water resources;
b) stimulating the sharing of up-to-date information on the problem in the targeted region, as well as knowledge on possible cost-effective and efficient solutions to it among environmental NGOs, civil society, and other stakeholders;
c) providing environmental NGOs, initiative groups, and individual environmentalists with the virtual environment and project management tools to engage them into implementing the solutions proposed in point b) in an effective, cost-efficient, and behavior-changing way.
The variety of tools for educational, collaborative, and project management purposes within the MEGA Game web platform and smartphone app, as well as the usage of gamification approach, allow environmental NGOs to stimulate both intrinsic and extrinsic motivation of civil society representatives towards environmental learning, knowledge sharing, and real-world action, thus increasing the participation of Moldovan society in finding and implementing the solution to the targeted issue. Furthermore, the monitoring and reporting tools within MEGA Generation make the measurement and reporting of results and positive impact achieved with each environmental project and/or policy-influencing initiative an easy, continuous, efficient, and transparent process.
The quantitative goal of the MEGA Game project is to increase the number of beneficiaries from the current 4 Moldovan NGOs and 3 projects already in implementation process on the demo version of MEGA Game to 20 organizations managing 30 of their water-management-related environmental projects and initiatives with about 30 participants each (totally 900) on our platform by November 2015, thus helping them tackle the challenges in civil society engagement and mobilization, free flow of information and knowledge about the targeted environmental problem in Moldova, and community-based project management focused on resolving these social and environmental issues.
By the end of the project we apply with, MEGA Game will become one-of-a-kind innovative tool for environmental NGOs, civil society initiave groups, and individual environmentalists in Moldova to create, manage, and report on their environmental projects and policy-influencing initiatives in an effective, cost-efficient, and transparent way by using diverse project management and community engagement features within the MEGA Game web platform and smartphone app.
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Project Snapshot

AO Academia de Guvernare a Mediului din Moldova
Area Of Work:
Grant Amount:
US$ 8,703.39
Co-Financing Cash:
US$ 2,132.70
Co-Financing in-Kind:
US$ 2,417.05
Project Number:
Satisfactorily Completed
Project Characteristics and Results
Gender Focus
In offering the value of the MEGA Game project to its beneficiaries MEGA NGO does not discriminate on the basis of sex and other factors. However, considering the majority of women in the core MEGA Team implementing the project and that one of the projects currently being uploaded by LeaderSHE to our platform targets eco-lifestyle of women in Moldova, we can expect very high participation of women in MEGA Game. This will lead to their more active involvement in improving the lives of their families through eco-friendly ways and further participation in community-based environmental management and governance stimulated by our project.
Notable Community Participation
One of the target beneficiaries of MEGA and MEGA Game projects are young individual environmentalists, social workers, and volunteers willing to improve their record of positive impact & engage in practical environmental action and policy-making. MEGA NGO focuses mostly on young people (high school and university students), but offer our value and support to all individuals and organizations involved in environmental management and governance in Moldova without any discrimination based on sex, color, religion, political views, etc. An evidence of this is our MEGA Team, which consists of 3 nationalities and where 60% are young women.
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Number of CBOs / NGOs participated / involved in SGP project 20
Number of individuals (gender diaggregated) who have benefited* from SGP project 900

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