Development of Country Programme Strategy for OP6 of GEF Small Grants Programme
Development of Country Programme Strategy for OP6 of GEF Small Grants Programme
The project intends to develop the Country Programme Strategy for OP6 of the GEF Small Grants Programme. For the new 6th Operational Phase GEF Small Grants Programme seeks assistance to develop a new Country Programme Strategy in consultation with all the relevant stakeholders and for the region of Moldova with particular needs that are not well covered by other development partners, where assistance of GEF SGP will be well defined and felt. The applicant proposes to develop this Strategy in cooperation with the project partner “EcoContact”, which will be done in a tight cooperation with various relevant stakeholders at the national and local levels. A region where the Grants Programme will be implemented will be selected through a consultation process with various stakeholders where the impact of the GEF SGP will be mostly visible and where there is a need to tackle or solve the specific problems listed as SGP OP6 Strategic Initiatives. The project will last 4 months and will result in a Country Strategy developed for OP6 of the GEF SGP and consulted with all the relevant stakeholders at the national and local levels.
SGP OP6 Strategic Initiatives contain the key components or “strategic initiatives” which are multi-focal in character and that will guide SGP grant-making in OP6. These are Community landscape, climate smart innovative agro-ecology, low carbon energy access co-benefits, local to global chemical management coalitions, CSO-government policy and planning dialogue platforms, promoting social inclusion (gender mainstreaming, youth involvement) and global each for citizen practice based knowledge programme (digital library of community innovations, and South-South community innovation exchange). Within this project, Moldova will be able to prioritize and select from among these strategic initiatives based on national priorities and following country level multi-stakeholder consultations, which will be organized within this project.
A key element of SGP’s implementation in OP6 will be the development of landscape approaches to better focus grant-making and promote strategic programming and clustering of small grant projects with the aim to achieve greater impact and lead to synergies and opportunities for scaling up. Moldova may select one or more landscapes within which community projects will be supported. SGP will focus on supporting and coordinating concrete actions at the grassroots level by providing small-scale finance for local community-led projects within given priority landscapes, to achieve landscape-scale impacts. SGP will also review, analyze, and codify results of these on-the-ground actions to distill and disseminate lessons which can be used for replication within the country and in other parts of the world.
Another key element of SGP’s approach in OP6 will be to enhance its role as a Grantmaker+ by strategically planning for the provision of services needed for achievement of greater portfolio impact, this may be done through selective use of capacity development grants as well as non-grant support services, networks and partnerships.
This project will undertake a preparatory process to develop its strategy for OP6. This will involve multi-stakeholder consultations, development of baseline assessment(s) of priority identified landscape(s), and elaboration of the Country Programme Strategy (CPS) for OP6 in close coordination with the SGP National Coordinator and National Steering Committee in Moldova. The key steps in this preparatory process and the key deliverables expected are described in detail below. This project will identify the most relevant issues form those specified by SGP and the best region where those issues could be solved or a local context could be created to solve those problems.
The specific results (outputs) that the project will produce. The expected results are the measurable changes which will have occurred by the end of the project as a result of the planned intervention.
Key outputs to be produced during the 1st phase would include: (a) a short report documenting the consultation and scoping process with key agreements on the CPS approach recorded, and (b) a draft outline of the CPS already developed to the extent possible with the landscape/seascape approach still to be fully elaborated by the end of the project. As a key output of the Landscape/Seascape Baseline Assessment process a report will be produced that will present the baseline analysis, the elaboration of the SGP strategy within the landscape and the modalities for implementation. The report will also present the consultative process followed and the results of community consultations held. This report will be presented to the NSC and NC in Romanian and English. Based on the above steps and once the Baseline Assessment process for the selected Landscape area(s) of focus has been completed and agreed, the SGP OP6 Country Programme Strategy (CPS) will be fully elaborated and finalized. A draft of the complete CPS (no more than 25 pages in total length) will be produced for review and comment by the NC and NSC. It will also be shared for review and approval by the CPMT. Any final comments from the NSC and CPMT will be taken into account and addressed in the final draft of the CPS which will then be widely shared and posted online for public information.
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Project Snapshot

Asociatia Obsteasca Centrul National de Mediu
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US$ 24,994.00
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Satisfactorily Completed
Project Characteristics and Results
Promoting Public Awareness of Global Environment
Lead partner NEC will ensure the visibility and promotion of the project activities and events through press releases, informational leaflets and local media. The meetings, focus groups and workshops organized within the project, together with EcoContact, will contribute to a better understanding of the environmental problems, the strengths and weaknesses of the NGOs communities, discussions will be held with representatives of local and national authorities to develop CPS, as well as with those who implemented projects and also who applied but didn’t succeeded to be financed. The draft strategy will be elaborated based on democratic and transparent principles. Visibility rules will be applied in organising public events. In addition, all information about the project’s progress will be provided to the beneficiaries or partners during the meetings and activities. The information about events and results, decisions and discussed documents will be uploaded on web pages of both partners and as well as on the web page of GEF SGP in Moldova and all interested people will have access to this resource.
Gender Focus
Promotion of gender and social equality are crosscutting priorities of both Associations. The identification of gender aspects and applicable gender mainstreaming tools for each activity has been done during the project design phase in line with the corporate gender action plans of the United Nations. In the process of elaboration of the project proposal few consultations were held with stakeholders and the gender issues were taken into consideration and also the interests of vulnerable groups were discussed. Consideration of gender aspects is included in the whole project cycle including monitoring, reporting and evaluation. The staff of both organizations has experience in using gender approach in policy development. A Gender Mainstreaming checklist is included in the EcoContact Operational manual and will be used for the project implementation stage. The project will give due consideration to the needs and role of women in NGOs’ development and project implementation. The project will aim at ensuring active involvement of women in project activities.
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Grantee Contact

Ms Coseru Ina
Phone: +373 60 589 998


95 A, A. Hasdeu Street
Chisinau , MD-2005


SGP Country office contact

Mr. Denis Parea
+373 22 839-876
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Ms. Irina Pinzaru
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+373 22 839876


65 Stefan cel Mare Blvd., of. 511
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