Reducing waste plastic and recycling PET plastic waste from households in Municipality of Gevgelija
Reducing waste plastic and recycling PET plastic waste from households in Municipality of Gevgelija
Uncontrolled waste disposal and lack of environmental awareness among the population in Municipality of Gevgelija leads to environmental pollution and emission of harmful gases emission. Particularly harmful is the gas emission in the environment as a result of the all plastic waste which is delayed by households, schools, public institutions etc.
The presence of plastic waste in the environment produces chemicals that have a negative impact on the environment. Plastic packaging creates large amounts of solid waste that is virtually indestructible. The increase of this type of waste is a result of not enough information of where to delay the waste and no appropriate places to do that.
According to this problem, is identified the need of collecting, sorting and recycling of waste plastic in Gevgelija region. This process will reduce the presence of waste plastics, as well as its harmful effect on the environment. Timely information and education of the population and public institutions, as a major problem in our society, leads to uncontrolled waste disposal, as well as to environmental pollution.
Identifying these problems is identified the need to reduce waste especially plastic as one of the hardest-decomposable waste materials. Reducing this waste will contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and will also create a cleaner and healthier environment. Through the project activities will be conducted mapping of the locations of which are larger amounts of waste plastics, their collecting, sorting and recycling. This activity will be attended by students from primary schools in Gevgelija and from socially – vulnerable groups that will be involved in the collection and selection. Through practical work will be stimulated the awareness of the harmful effects of waste plastic and the need for its collection, sorting and recycling.
The main task of the children and young people from schools is waste collection and its purchase. Citizens from socially – vulnerable groups will collect waste plastic, and then select. Once collected and selected waste plastic will be recycled. This activity requires purchasing of a special machine for crushing all types of plastic (HDPE, PP and PET). This process will be leading by the Company for production and trade of secondary raw materials “Bliznak – com” DOO Gevgelija, a company with 20 years experience in the field of Waste Management, ie the collection, storage, transport and processing. This process will be carried out by specially trained people to recycle this type of waste.

This process is very important for the region of Municipality of Gevgelija, as one of the urban areas in the country with significant number of households, public institutions and schools that are “producers” of waste plastic. Children and young adults in the Gevgelija will be include in this project in order to ensure the correct picture and direction on how to manage waste and to protect the environment. As previously stated, in this project will be included and people from socially – disadvantaged groups to ensure their greater participation in society and the need to feel useful for themselves and for society.
A necessary precondition for successful implementation of the project activities is the awareness of the population by organizing educational workshops in primary schools in the Municipality of Gevgelija. In the area of education will be included two training sessions for school member stuff and public institutions by persons specialized in the field of environmental protection. The aim of these trainings is to increase awareness of the damage from waste plastic and other types of waste and its reducing.

It will be also design a brochure for more information about the process of collecting, sorting and recycling of plastics and widely visibility of the project in order to better information of the public. Informing the public about the beginning and duration of the project is planned to be done also through: television and radio shows, social networks and publishing the official website of the Municipality of Gevgelija.
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US$ 23,536.00
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US$ 5,446.00
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US$ 5,078.00
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Satisfactorily Completed
WHO-TEQ (Toxic Equivalency)/year reduction into the environment or elimination of U-POPs namely Dioxins, Furans and PCBs (Poly-chlorinated biphenyls) through the SGP project 41

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