Citizens participate - community flourishes
Citizens participate - community flourishes
The main goal is to ensure improved living conditions of citizens in Costesti to conserve and restore the natural environment components in the locality Coste?ti, participating directly to social inclusion by acquiring qualities proactive citizens. By implementing the project "Citizens participate – community thrives" ensures upgrading of environmental and biodiversity conservation and protection in five areas of the village by approximately 2.93 ha.
Main results tracked in this project are:
• Recovery of natural spaces and education Costesti ecological spirit among citizens
• Improving living conditions of citizens by arranging several recreational areas, by offering the right to rest and relax and promote community building;
• Reducing air pollution levels by planting about 3,000 trees and 10 000 perennial flowers,
• Conservation and biodiversity protection Coste?ti village,
• Increase empower young people and children to spend time in areas of low risk;,
• 5 natural areas under video surveillance and protected by the local public administration,
• Rescue and recovery of groundwater by arranging a "fountains"
• Transmission among the group of community mobilization spirit of belonging on the results after project implementation.
The project will include almost the entire village Coste?ti, because it will take place simultaneously in five areas of the village, and involve all citizens in these areas. The project falls within Component 1 PGM EO6: Landscape Conservation land at the community level, but also PGM EO6 Component 6: Promoting social inclusion.
The project will be conducted in collaboration with the mayoralty of village Costesti. The collaboration agreement shows that public authority offering guarantees of space. Village Hall also will make a financial contribution of 50% for the project. As economic agents will be a permanent partner of the project to ensure project continuity.

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Project Snapshot

AO Alternativa
Area Of Work:
Grant Amount:
US$ 41,020.29
Co-Financing Cash:
US$ 50,396.36
Co-Financing in-Kind:
US$ 254.54
Project Number:
Satisfactorily Completed
Project Characteristics and Results
Promoting Public Awareness of Global Environment
Initially, the information about the project's launch will be published on a media article on local websites, where it will be indicated the objective, responsibilities of the citizens within the project. The meetings of the mayor and the free consultations with the citizens are common practice, thus, the grantee will actively participate in these discussions, in order to inform the population about the project and the involvement methods of the citizens. The information, article will be placed on,,, and the newspaper ”Local hour”, and the local newsletter.
Gender Focus
The project involves the whole community. starting with the space arrangement for the works, till the official opening of the areas, the community is the source of project's implementation. Each activity will divide the responsibilities among women and men, considering the volume and nature of the work. The grantee is counting both on men and women equally mobilization, since in Costesti village it is noticed a higher level of women mobilization.
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Grantee Contact

Ms. Maria Bivol
Phone: 0037369512370


Costesti village
Ialoveni district , MD-6813


SGP Country office contact

Mr. Denis Parea
+373 22 839-876
+373 22 839-876
Ms. Irina Pinzaru
+373 22 839876
+373 22 839876


65 Stefan cel Mare Blvd., of. 511
Chisinau, MD-2001