AirAid: Aerial Observation and Environmental Crowd-Mapping Platform (Phase 1)
AirAid: Aerial Observation and Environmental Crowd-Mapping Platform (Phase 1)
The proposed project aims to improve environmental governance through development of capacities of Civil Society Organizations (CSO) and the Government working in the field of environmental conservation and management via AirAid platform. The platform will be designed to help channeling the issues of common concern among participating organizations serving as a link between the CSO and the respective governmental agencies.
AirAid platform will seek to address one of the key problems related to data collection, processing and further availability. The project will concentrate on i) exploring the opportunities for the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) for real and near real-time remote monitoring and earth observation, ii) capacity development in terms of establishment of a combination of a mobile and stationary operational base with accompanying hardware and software, operator and aerial imagery acquisition, processing and analysis training, iii)parallel development of Ushahidi based crowd-sourced desktop and mobile reporting web-portal with data integration, mapping and visualization functionality.
Importantly, the project will also concentrate on the development of the long-term sustainability, scalability and replication mechanism through a workable and efficient partnership model between the main actors such as the RA Ministry of Nature Protection, Ministry of Emergency Situations, UNDP Sustainable Growth and Resilience portfolio projects, Aires Development Foundation, beneficiary CSOs and local communities.
The project will be administered from Yerevan with the field activities at the environmental hot spots in different regions, as deemed appropriate by the participating stakeholder organizations.
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Project Snapshot

Aires Development Foundation
Area Of Work:
Grant Amount:
US$ 49,960.00
Co-Financing Cash:
US$ 4,600.00
Co-Financing in-Kind:
US$ 24,800.00
Project Number:
Satisfactorily Completed
Project Characteristics and Results
Policy Influence
Capacity building for select stakeholder organizations (training and coaching on capacities, uses, operation and technology of data acquisition and processing) will impact the decision making processes at the beneficiary organizations. Especially in the case of the Governmental agencies involved in the project, this information-based decision making and exposure to innovative technology and participatory approaches (harnessing the power of the crowd) will impact the existing polices and aid the development of new ones.
Replication of project activities
Due to the fact that the technological solutions and approaches proposed in the project have a very high degree of relevance to a number of fields such as disaster risk reduction, agriculture and forestry, the project activities will have an in-built replicability potential. Aires Development Foundation is planning to develop and exercise this replication potential through scaling up of the. Replicability and scaling up of the project activities are also considered as cornerstones of the sustainability mechanism.
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Number and type of support linkages established with local governments/authorities 1

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Mr. Armen Asryan
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