Developing the adaptation and resilience skills to climate change in Drochia
Developing the adaptation and resilience skills to climate change in Drochia
Republic of Moldova is currently one of the most disadvantageous countries in Europe and Central Asia, with a high degree of vulnerability to climate changes. Drochia district is located in the center of the North Area (forest-steppe zone of Moldova), which is characterized by the shortest period of active vegetation (175-182 days) and the shortest periods without frosts (178-188 days) in comparison with the other areas.
Drochia district is affected by natural hazards: 1. Hail – especially during the dry summers; 2. Floods – characteristic at the middle of spring and at the end of the summer; 3. Droughts – in spring and summer, with alternation over every 2 years, in some years having disastrous drought (2007, 2012); 4. Frosts – late in the period of spring mainly between the first and 20th of May and early in the period of autumn between 10th and 25th of October; 5. accumulations (sedimentations) of ice – mostly in the periods between November and December and February and March.
Territories of the land resources of the district have a total area of 99991,47 ha, and forest plantations constitute only 3302,69 ha, which represents 3.3% of the total fund and it is very little for the winding up of the carbon (this index constitutes about 10% for the republic, the acceptable index would be 20-25%).
From 68891,84 ha of lands with agricultural destination, 407,49 ha are degraded lands and are abandoned. At the same time 342,34 ha have a credit worthiness lower than 40 and being worked do not bring profits to the owners. It should be noted that in the area of agricultural land only 20,61 hectares are intended for forest plantations (bands of forest to be under protection), which may not ensure the protection of land from natural disasters.
Due to a lack of labour force the owners of agricultural lands are using many herbicides and pesticides, which lead to soil pollution. Few owners of agricultural lands comply with the scientifically approved crop-rotations, which leads to soil degradation. Many mineral fertilizers are unnecessarily administered, manure and other organic fertilizers aren’t widely and properly used.
The problems listed above: disasters and climate risks, the ineffective management of land use, the use of the land resources without the utilization of friendly agricultural and environmental habits lead to the growth of the economic risk and to the decrease rural income. The project will be implemented in the Drochia district through the following activities:
• Informational meetings at the district level about this project (mayors and representatives of the 28 municipalities of the district and of educational institutions, specialists from the district council will be informed about the activities of this project).
• 2-day-regional-trainings will be organized and held on management of the climate hazards and risks in agriculture (at least 250 people, including women, youth and disadvantaged persons will be informed regarding the general manegement of the climate hazards and risks and regarding measures of its reduction).
• 2-day-regional-trainings will be held on the implementation of good agricultural and environmental practices (at least 250 people, including women, youth and disadvantaged persons, will be trained in the implementation of good agricultural environmental practices).
• Demonstrative batches will be created with the implementation of the mitigation measures of the climate risks, agricultural and environment practices (the reduction of the consequences of drought, frosts, hail, afforestation of degraded land, organic farming, the compliance with the crop rotation, manure management, planting of forests, alternative sources of energy, the cultivation of biomass.
• Groups of interests will be created for practical training based on the demonstrative batches of at least 60 participants, who were more active at the regional trainings in the areas of the adaptation to the climate changes, sustainable land management and good agricultural and environmental practices.
Almost all the 38 villages of the district Drochia will be involved in this project, being spread across 11 areas (Annex 1 and table no.1).
The concept given by the project fall into 2 of the 5 areas of interest of the GEF: climate change and sustainable land management.
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Project Snapshot

AO Consult Service
Area Of Work:
Land Degradation
Grant Amount:
US$ 28,578.85
Co-Financing Cash:
US$ 12,776.00
Co-Financing in-Kind:
US$ 16,041.00
Project Number:
Satisfactorily Completed
Project Characteristics and Results
Inovative Financial Mechanisms
For the successful implementation of the project, experienced instructors in the filed of climate change adaptation and sustainable land management measures, will be contracted. These instructors will prepare informative materials in electronic format, which will also be printed in paper format for distribution within the training, for the two categories of participants. To further disseminate the knowledge of the project, the project team plans to develop a website for the location of the didactic materials developed within the project, as well as video information about the project activities. Demonstrative lots created within the project will serve as practical support for project beneficiaries as well as other people in their activities. The project activities will be attended by media representatives, who will report on the project.
Gender Focus
Project activities will take into account the gender issues, being selected men and women to participate equally. Moreover, some of the demonstrative lots will require a female hand: agro-ecotourism, organic farming, production on protected land, and so on.
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