Informing the population in order to strengthen the management in Ramsar site “Lower Dniester”
Informing the population in order to strengthen the management in Ramsar site “Lower Dniester”
The Lower Dniester Ramsar Site is a valuable area from the point of view of biological diversity, that is why it was recognized as Ramsar site (1316) and later it was included in the Fund of the natural areas protected by State. Some national Strategies, including the National Strategy on biological diversity of the Republic of Moldova for 2015-2020 provides that in the region of Lower Dniester a national park should be created. In line with the legislation BIOTICA ES developed the draft management plan for the Ramsar Site that was put under discussion in the region and later was approved by the Order of the Minister of Environment No. 93 of 01.12.2014. The project intends to edit the management plan and to distribute it among the representatives of the local public authorities, local leaders and other interested parsons responsible for it implementation in the region.
The project intends to strengthen the local potential and to promote the involvement of the local communities in the management of the Lower Dniester protected area. The objectives is contribution to the conservation of the local landscape through forestation and touristic route arrangement and increasing of the awareness raising of the local population aiming to a better management of the Ramsar Site.
The project area is the protected area Lower Dniester Ramsar Site.
Among the results of the project will be: approx. 8 hectares of forest planted to protect agricultural fields and water basins from Popeasca and Talmaza; two pedestrian and bicycle touristic routs with a length of approx. 15 km marked in territorial limits of 3 localities, editing and distribution of the management plan among the representatives of the local public authorities, local leaders and other interested parties; editing and distribution of information materials among local population about the necessity of the strengthening of Lower Dniester Ramsar Site management.
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Project Snapshot

AO Societatea Ecologica BIOTICA
Area Of Work:
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US$ 34,414.24
Co-Financing Cash:
US$ 24,280.00
Co-Financing in-Kind:
US$ 13,400.00
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Satisfactorily Completed
Project Characteristics and Results
Inovative Financial Mechanisms
All informational materials will be distributed on the territory of Ramsar Site "Lower Dniester" and to other interested stakeholders, as well as being placed on the organization's website. A case study summarizing the activities, results and lessons learned within the project should be developed. The lessons learned during the project will also be accessible on the web page, but also used during the development of new projects.
Promoting Public Awareness of Global Environment
During the implementation of the project, it shall be organized different working meetings with representatives of public authorities, local leaders, teachers, where the activities and results of the project will be communicated. During the project, an informational tour and a seminar will be organized, where key people from the territory will be invited to transmit the information to other people in the locality. Also in the project, the illustrative flora and fauna materials will draw children's attention to the richness of local fauna and flora and the need to be protected. All project information will be available on the organization's website.
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